Love’s Throne

Trapped in arms too strong

Wrapped in love’s embrace

Tangled limbs entwined

Passion in each face


Dance to beating hearts

Thrum to music’s beat

Quiver to the rhythm

Please, oh please, entreat


Answers in each body

Found in all the questions

Mind’s magic conjures words

No others dare to mention        


Defined in soul’s desire

Pleas for needs to quench

Unimagined blissfulness,

Two so; none can wrench


Two lovers when they find

A soul to call their own

Combined, as one, in unity.

Love reposes on such throne.

19 thoughts on “Love’s Throne”

  1. ech what is trite about love and what emotion it beings, sorry ginger don’t mean to intrude and each to his own when reading poetry – understood. Scottie – I write as you, feelings lain bare, no questions, no metaphors or the like, what we have inside to share…nothing more, nothing less.x


    1. Do you know, I never took that from his comment? I thought he meant that saying it was wonderful seemed trite…
      Now you and Cubby have got me wondering…
      Think I’ll email him and find out…..;)
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Trite? I’m gonna find out about this…:)x


      1. No sweat, I think it was just the way it was phrased. My eternally optimistic nature chose to see it my way. 🙂
        See commas and stuff. Makes all the difference! ;)x


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