Unransomed Love

Measured love holds naught for me

If counting has a cost.

Love should enfold to make you free,

No liberty is lost.


Who conspires to calculate?

Love exists for its own sake.

Believe it now, ‘ere too late.

Shake off illusions. Come, awake!


Nor tokens, mindful, though they are,

Impress the truest heart.

Eyes look up to purest star

And so, sweet love, to me impart

All that is your heart’s desire,

Unransomed love, consumed by fire.

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10 thoughts on “Unransomed Love”

  1. I really loved the reading, to be able to feel the pace of the poem 🙂
    My fav line; Who conspires to calculate? Love exists for its own sake

    reminded me of what my husband always tells me ‘Love knows no reason but love.’ 🙂


    1. Lucky lady. He knows. Not everyone does. So pleased you enjoyed. Still not 100% comfortable with the whole face on the box thing but I’m trying to be ‘outreaching’….?
      It’s always lovely to get positive feedback on it. Thank you.
      Kiss that man. You’ve got a good ‘un there!
      And he must know you are too. No excuses. Pucker up. :)x


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