What’s Really Going On

Circadian rhythm knocked askew,

4a.m. becomes the new

Time to rhyme

And coffee time.

What’s really going on?


It’s either that, or awake till then,

Scribbling frantically, pad and pen,

Drinking tea,

Good company.

What’s really going on?


I’m thinking, maybe, WordPress here

Has cranked my thinking up a gear.

Lots of stimulation and


Is that what’s going on?


Not complaining, no not me.

I’m finding this incredibly freeing,

Liberating, contemplating, speculating, meditating, considering, deliberating,

Pondering the thoughts of others.

I think that’s what’s going on.


Spirit welcoming all thoughts,

Voices heard from all world spots,

Sharing out across the globe,

Like disco lights and flashing strobe,


Sporadic blinking, constant thinking, distant eyes unseen though twinkling,

Showing me a touch of soul, communicating from the whole

World point view with nothing amiss,

I blow to you ae fond kiss.

Yup, that’s what’s going on.


20 thoughts on “What’s Really Going On”

  1. and I blow ae a fond kiss too…beautiful words and loved the clip, it still amazes me how accents don’t really come through when you are singing…the joy of words of sharing of simply…. *sigh* x


      1. Lol. Lots of place names mentioned. It was a social commentary song during Maggie’s era. Death of industry in places all over that once thrived.
        Lochaber…no more…Sutherland…no more…..etc
        My fave of theirs is

        Soooo good to dance to. And I love the words.
        Dancing now. And smiling. Still dancing…


      2. listening hips swayin, oops now shoulders..left right left…clickin’ fingers..feel like doin the stomp..now that’s showing my age! 🙂 Thanks lovely.. I wanna spend my life with you…. dancing… xx 🙂


  2. Ah another out there in the quiet of night, pondering, writing with only the breeze and stars as company. What a beautiful song you shared with us as we read your words. Smiles and blessing, to another writing in the night. (=


    1. thank you so much. yes, keeping weird hours more than a little recently. But at least it’s productive. 😉

      She is great and so was Rabbie, of course.
      Thank you for the reblog also. i just saw it.
      Keep on writing too. What else does one do at 4a.m.?
      blessings to you.x


  3. Ack, I haven’t seen any of your posts in my reader for the last 3 days. I should’ve known something fishy was going on…that’s what’s really going on! Love the poem. A perfect piece to read at 3:22 a.m. in the morning here for me. 🙂


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