A Tinderbox

510Bush Fire

One flint to strike,

One spark to light

A tinderbox of fear.

Mistrust and greed,

All flames will feed,

Conflagration near.


A world where light

Cowers in fright,

Where wanton darkness dares,

Plays hidden games,

Devouring flames, while

We look askance and stare.


Dumbfounded tears

For wasted years,

Trust in awful liars.

They’ll burn the world

With power’s lust and

Destructive global fires.



Disclaimer!  (These photos are the copyright of others’ but unknown to me. Some are from national newspapers and others from private individuals. I will gladly allocate credit if claimed.)

With thanks to Mark’s Gallery for these pictures he posted, depicting bush fires currently rampant in Australia. He kindly obliged with photos of Fire after I had joked that I was going to write poems working my way through all the elements, having done some on Air and Water. These pictures, although of actual events, elicited in me an entirely different sort of response. My apologies if some of them are depressing! But some of them are loving and sensual. So a good balance I would say, eh?


16 thoughts on “A Tinderbox”

      1. Yes it is. My mind is like that too a word creeps into my mind and I have to use it. Then once I do it is gone and up comes another word I wonder if it was from a sleeping beauty? I seem to remember it as well but don’t know what fairy tale. Now I will remember it later. Ha that always happens? Great posting today!


      2. I’m thinking Brothers Grimm for some reason but can’t remember. As you say, I’ll probably wake up in the middle of the night with an ‘aha’ moment.
        Then promptly forget it again.

        I’ve been like a dervish all weekend writing.
        I’ve only recently discovered how effective pictures can be for that. :)x


  1. And some of the firebugs just like to see the fire, that animal part of themselves that likes to see the destructive power within it, so that they associate with that power.


    1. Self-serving power seeking is inevitably destructive, I feel. Beware all caught within.
      Thank you for taking the time to read all these, Mark
      A marathon writing and reading session. ;)x
      And thank you once again for posting the pictures. your gallery is certainly turning into a poet’s paradise. :)x


      1. It has been a marathon, you have been a very busy creative woman, they are all great 🙂 My pleasure. Don’t know what I’ll do for the next element. Air. Mmm, cyclone season is due at Christmas time, I’ll see what I can do 🙂


      2. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for all your input and effort with the pictures.
        Cyclones, you say? Mmmm. Another aspect of the air element other than flying. Yes, I could see that.
        Hopefully, carnage will not be wrought during that season.x


      3. Um, actually it does make a mess too. Another of nature’s little calling cards. Not as bad as the fires as far as life loss goes but makes a bit of a mess in it’s destruction. This is a very volatile country but it is very beautiful as well. Big floods too, the record rainfall (in N.S.W.) has been over 1000 mm in 72 hours. Nearly needed a submarine to duck up to the shops for some milk 🙂


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