All those posts on fire. This one most of all.  


At world’s end,

In beauteous land,

Natural element

Takes a stand,

Creating chaos

Where it dares,

Ribbons of fire,

Crimson flares.


Destruction wrought,

Promethean power

Smothers nature

Day and hour,

Fighting battle’s

Raging roar,

Anguished citizens’

Hearts full sore.


In thoughts and prayers

We offer you


And wishes true,

That all may cease

So peace to reign

In beauty’s bounty

Abide again.


10 thoughts on “Australia”

    1. I wish it could be something more concrete in terms of helpfulness. Just wanted to let you all know that people are thinking and praying for all those caught up in this.x


      1. It’s enough to know that people are thinking of those in the middle of all this and would be very much accepted. That is all we can do from the outside, and I shouldn’t say all, because that energy is very strong in itself. Heartfelt is a total caring and giving from the love of another, especially for what they are going through. I think that would be very much appreciated.


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