Dragon’s Breath


In dragon’s burning breath

There rages fire,

Bent on earth destruction

It does not tire, of

Burning up all sources

Known for fuel.

Emptiness and barrenness,

Such fool,

To leave a path of chaos

In its wake,

Heaving earth,


And shake


To their very core.

Consumptive greed,

Nought for evermore.

Disclaimer!  (These photos are the copyright of others’ but unknown to me. Some are from national newspapers and others from private individuals. I will gladly allocate credit if claimed.)

With thanks to Mark’s Gallery for these pictures he posted, depicting bush fires currently rampant in Australia. He kindly obliged with photos of Fire after I had joked that I was going to write poems working my way through all the elements, having done some on Air and Water. These pictures, although of actual events, elicited in me an entirely different sort of response. My apologies if some of them are depressing! But some of them are loving and sensual. So a good balance I would say, eh?


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