All fantasy, reality, fused in one,

Love revealed, to inferno does succumb,

A moment’s revelation and desire,

Devoured by flame of passion’s burning fire.



At heaven’s secret gift,


To cause all hearts to lift


Eyes unto the stars

So late at night

Revealing source of ecstasy,

Torture and delight.


All hope remains while

Breath is on this earth,

Razed in love,

Awaiting soul’s rebirth


Such fire rages

Consumes all very reason,

Blinds the eyes,

Temptation touches treason.



Disclaimer!  (These photos are the copyright of others’ but unknown to me. Some are from national newspapers and others from private individuals. I will gladly allocate credit if claimed.)

With thanks to Mark’s Gallery for these pictures he posted, depicting bush fires currently rampant in Australia. He kindly obliged with photos of Fire after I had joked that I was going to write poems working my way through all the elements, having done some on Air and Water. These pictures, although of actual events, elicited in me an entirely different sort of response. My apologies if some of them are depressing! But some of them are loving and sensual. So a good balance I would say, eh?


15 thoughts on “Inferno”

      1. A couple weeks ago some kids were playing down by the pond behind my house. All of a sudden I saw flames and while they were 200 yards away it still scared me. I called the fire department. Some neighbors ran over there with shovels. I am thankful it was not a windy day but just the thought when you see photos like you posted would strike fear in one. Quickly!


      2. That is scary. Did it just start? it’s difficult for us to imagine things being so hot and dry that such a thing could occur.
        I do remember hill fires on the islands in Greece and planes would fly overhead dropping gallons of water to try and contain them.
        I hope it all ends soon or, at least, can be controlled. Praying for it.x


  1. The above poems are hot scottishmomus! Wow I love these two line “Torture and delight.” and “Temptation touches treason.” They are powerful!


  2. Yes, the fires in Australia are very scary right now. Although in a different state to me, I have spent time in all of the locations currently burning. Such beauty being destroyed along with the worldly possessions of many people.
    Great words btw.


    1. It is awful. as you say, so much growth destroyed. And to be the families involved must be horrific. Prayers for all concerned.x
      thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.x


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