A Day In The Life Of…..Monday


Winding Road  Kerry at Winding Road invited bloggers to share a typical week’s routine to learn something more about each other.


I actually slept, more or less, right through the night which, in recent weeks, has become something of an unusual occurrence.

Typically, each morning, hubby brings me a big mug of black coffee first thing. He’s almost always up before me. A long lie-in is wasted on him. I don’t even get out of bed till I’ve had several big mouthfuls and let the caffeine start to work. Bliss.

First day back to school after a week’s holiday was always going to be a difficult wake. But not as it turned out.

Up quite chipper and ready for work in plenty of time. School bag in hand and off, with kisses to all who still had to leave the house for their respective destinations.

First off was a class of 4 and 5 year olds, taking them for drama and then ICT. They did remarkably well. So did I. I got to be a witch and a dragon and a zombie while we all mimed Hallowe’en characters in preparation for next week. All the kids’ suggestions I might add.

Nipped out at lunch time for a couple of cigs. Not allowed in school, of course. Sat in my car and wrote Super…..Eagle Woman poem while puffing.

In the afternoon I had a Primary two class – mostly 6 year olds. Again ICT, followed by writing pirate poems and illustrating. Fun!

Left school sharp to be home for my own wee one coming in.

Wrote up my poem, did a video reading of it, posted it.

And then crashed. I’ve barely moved off my butt since then! Hubby made dinner. I ate something else!

Helped out with homework.

Rescued my 16 year old daughter from a massive spider in her room. I like spiders. Well, maybe likes too strong a word. But, I don’t like to kill them. Unfortunately this big beast met his demise down the toilet.

I am currently lounging on my bed at 10.50p.m. sipping a small red wine and catching up on reading some posts. I’d forgotten all about doing this until I clicked on Kerry’s link.

I’m now thinking that I should really get an early night. Because sometimes Tuesdays are worse than Mondays for getting up.

But I might just do a spot more blogging. Or not. Early nights are before 12!


Halloween Witch and Vampire          Dragon and Castle              zombies


17 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of…..Monday”

  1. Hmm productive yet hectic day – thanks for sharing some of your life – it is nice to get to know each other this way. I can just picture you having your cig whilst writing (sadly I am guilty of that also). Since I don;t have to get up the next day (as yet) my bed calls me from 12-2am, but really getting too old for the midnight hours as I’m a zombie the next day. Fun being a witch, dragon & zombie though x


    1. I’m only really any good up until a certain time. Then all physical productivity ceases. Almost. Too energetic these drama sessions. And kids do have the knack of draining life force. Maybe that’s where they get all their energy from! By the time I have to ‘do’ with my own crew, they get the dregs of what’s left. Without coffee and cigs I would be a zombie! ;x


      1. ‘The couldn’t be bothered’s’ sounds as if there could be a prescription to go with it. If I find out that someone’s been holding out on the elixir of life, available at any good chemist, I will not be amused. In the meantime, my drugs of choice – caffeine and nicotine. What you gonna do?! 😉 x


      2. See now, there’s another programme I’ve never seen. Heard about it from various people including my eldest but don’t have a clue. I’m gonna have to sit down some night and watch TV. I’m so out of pop culture when it comes to films and programmes.
        But if whoever they are can help I’m up for it! :)x


    1. Excitement is definitely relative. I’ll really have to stop joining in the energetic sessions of lessons! Might have some oomph left at the end of the day then. ;)x


  2. Thank you for posting this! How am I just seeing this now? So sorry! I’m not getting pinged when people link up but no worries because I read it today. Happy with a night’s sleep, red wine at night…we share in common the important things 😉 haha


    1. I was going to do subsequent days then realized all I had tot do was say ‘multiply by 5’ and that would have been pretty much the whole story. 😉
      I’m still finding a couple of odd things occurring with WP like following people then discovering it hasn’t ‘stuck’. And following over again. People must wonder what I’m playing at.
      Currently relaxing with a small red one. And anticipating more than four hours worth. Don’t know what is giving with my sleep just now but it’s beginning to be a bit of a habit. ;)x


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