If I could be a superhero,

I wouldn’t be a cat,

‘Cos cats climb trees

And purr a lot.

What can you do with that?


I wouldn’t be a wonder girl

Whose clothes can change

With just one twirl.

Handy though this flair could be,

It’s really not for me.


No, if I could choose a set of skills,

I know just what I’d opt for.

I’d be an eagle, flying high,

Like a feathered



Transformation, quite complete,

I’d strut my stuff with wings and beak.

Feathered body, long of limb, razor talons for my protection,

I’d soar around from vantage point

With eyes sharp for detection.


I’d fly around this wondrous globe,

Bestowing golden feathers

With magic powers,

That, once they land,

Could cure and help all others.


The feathers would be cast so wide,

From here, around to all earth’s sides,

They’d tickle, grant gift of eagle eye,

Give hope to all that they too could fly

And know that soaring feeling.


In addition, as such a bird,

Large, you know, I suppose you’ve heard,

If I viewed, on earth, corruption,

Splat! I’d go, right in the eye

Of those bent on destruction.


So no, not cat nor twirling one,

I’d be super….. Eagle Woman,

With magic

In all messages,

Given to each human.


As for me, my gift to self,

Apart from eagle spying,

I’d experience

Such a buzz and thrill, from

Simply being flying.

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17 thoughts on “Super…….”

  1. Very nice! 🙂 My power… I’m not sure. The best is probably the power of luck, but that’s plain cheating. To clarify, would you be an eagle or a woman-eagle hybrid?


    1. Funnily enough, I’ve not given that side of it much thought. 😉
      I think it would have to be total transformation. It would just look bloody odd to see a woman with a big beak and feathers and claws dropping ‘presents’ on all and sundry.
      So, yeah, all eagle. But returning to form when I felt like it.

      Or, maybe, I could be either depending on what suited at the time. I’m picturing the situations now. Great fun. Thanks for that. :)x


  2. Cats would make for a great super hero because they would have super powers! Like a purr that can make people freeze and a meow that can hurtle objects, and of course a tail that can be swirled to fly! But I do love your take on the Eagle Woman super hero. Fantastic write. So much fun! Reowr!


    1. See, you know all that stuff! I’d just climb a tree. A purr that can make people freeze I would love. I wonder if an eagle’s screech could be made to do the same. Oh, I want this!
      Wouldn’t it be such fun? I’d have a blast.
      Give us one for Cat – you’re half way there already! ;)x


  3. I think you would have incredible magick powers…
    I like the ideal of an Eagle…
    though my totem is a Wolf….I’ld have magick powers to run as fast as you fly!
    Great post …
    Take Care…You Matter…


    1. Turning to Nature’s wonders for super powers. Can’t go far wrong. Wonder what sort of super attributes other creatures could reveal. Must think about that. :)x


      1. Ted Andrews Animal Speaks would be a good one to look up each ones magick energy..or Stephen Farmer( I think thats his name)
        I did like this one alot…Thanks again for sharing your super power with us


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