Life’s Breath

Thought I might try a darker mood leading up to Hallowe’en. Cushions to the ready. What? You never hid behind a cushion at Hammer House of Horror? You haven’t lived!


Grasped around

My throat,

These fingers taut.

Air received,


To all but naught.

Sparkling lights


Endless dark.

Squeeze some more.


This vital spark.


rest where ease

grants pardon,

in garden’s shady nook.

discover soul’s serenity

beside gently

gurgling brook.

imagine possibilities,

eyes closed to

mid-day sun.


in loving arms,

two for everyone.


quiet meditation

on all that

life may hold.


introspection, of

stories to be told.

dreams to haunt reality

if chance should

come along.

music to believe in,

two voices,

but one song.