The Dance

Sentient songs and melodies

Must always melt and move.

Lyrical lessons love to sway

In arms, amour may prove.


Gentle gift of mellow dance,

Two held in music’s muse,

Inspiration leads to passion,

Taper touched to fuse.


A heady mix of cocktailed fancy,

Ardour scaling heights,

Suppressed in momentary slowness,

Heightening delights.


Thrumming chorus, soulful verse

Intercept all feeling,

Closing bars reach to the stars,

Heads and hearts left reeling.


Transfixed eyes may capture now

All that they reveal,

So sweetest kiss evolves and deepens,

Revealing all both feel.


8 thoughts on “The Dance”

  1. I like this! and I am writing one to Johnny Rivers “Slow Dancing” for tomorrow’s post LOLs
    there’s nothing like slow dancing…
    Take Care…


    1. And someone else’s post I was reading was about music and dance. Funny when that happens. Like we’re all thinking about the same stuff. I like dancing generally and I am partial to a slow dance. :)x


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