On Hallow’s Eve

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On Hallow’s Eve,
      Some believed,
             Souls went marching home
                     While ghosts and ghouls
                               Haunted evening skies,
                                         Howling, evil moans.


Time has passed
          So now, at last,
                  Other forms it takes.
                             Some become Incredible,
                                       Others adapt
                                                   And costumes make.

ghost01 (1)Imageghost01 (1)

Little Bo Peep
          Has become a deid creep,
                  Ghoulish in all nature
                            Impaling lamb
                                    On crook with glee,
                                            Evil now in stature.

zombie01   ghost01 (1) bo peep 3  ghost01 (1)

Humour and a devilish joy
Man and woman, girl and boy,
Embracing darkness
For a night,
Invoking fear,
And delightful fright!

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8 thoughts on “On Hallow’s Eve”

    1. Thank you. She’s a lover of life. One of the best. Might have gone a bit overboard with the animations methinks. But it was fun. I didn’t even know I could do that. :)x


      1. She was at home yesterday evening applying ‘latex stuff’ to my two youngest in preparation for going out. The results were gross. But in a wonderfully disgusting sort of way. At least, that was the opinion of the two who were supplied with scars and cuts and lesions around neck and face. They had a blast. Between last night and Hallowee’en parade in school today, I’m well Hallowe’d out. Till next year. ;)x


      2. Oh wow – serious then? We don’t do it here – some do and the shops get some stuff in, but I don’t answer the door…yup mean grumpy…no to me..it’s a form of begging – I will get shot down in flaming pumpkins for saying that – but we as a country have never celebrated it – so why start now? Glad your kids had a good time though. 🙂 xx


      3. It’s getting worse! It used to just be kids (myself included at the time) who dressed up with whatever was at hand. Sheets, cowboy costumes, imagination…
        Now the shops really promote it and pretty much everyone goes for it. Not sensible grown ups like me. 😉 Or should I say boring? It is not my favourite event at all. But I’m obliged to join in for the weans at home and at school. And all the ones that come round the doors. I did get let off lightly last night though. My sixteen year old ‘volunteered’ her services and was the hostess with the mostest. I’d already had too much of it from school.
        So Guy Fawkes is next. 😦 At least the fireworks are lovely to watch.
        Then Christmas. Bah, humbug! No, I actually quite like Christmas. Up to a point. ;)x


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