Only One Result

So many ways to count the cost.

So many different types of loss.


So many hearts that know such pain.

So many afraid to love again.


So many tears that people cry.

So many ways to live or die.


So many hopes and dreams delayed.

So many debts to fate unpaid.


So much hope to find again.

So much love contained within.


So many better ways to live.

So many avenues to give.


So many cannot receive such gift.

So many refuse to be uplifted.


A grateful sort of loving flows

When love given,



And knows.


So many choices,

One result.

Love is all….

Love is all.


13 thoughts on “Only One Result”

  1. Loved this and i like the change of rhythm at the end. You are really good. I have about 5 favourites on here that even when i’m not up to much i read their poems on my phone. You have now been added to that list. Excellent poem x


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