Errant Blood

Hallowe’en theme. Gotta go with the flow. 😉



Errant blood


Arterial currents




To relief.







Dire unbelief.

Love fakes,






A sterling thief.

Life’s Breath

Thought I might try a darker mood leading up to Hallowe’en. Cushions to the ready. What? You never hid behind a cushion at Hammer House of Horror? You haven’t lived!


Grasped around

My throat,

These fingers taut.

Air received,


To all but naught.

Sparkling lights


Endless dark.

Squeeze some more.


This vital spark.


rest where ease

grants pardon,

in garden’s shady nook.

discover soul’s serenity

beside gently

gurgling brook.

imagine possibilities,

eyes closed to

mid-day sun.


in loving arms,

two for everyone.


quiet meditation

on all that

life may hold.


introspection, of

stories to be told.

dreams to haunt reality

if chance should

come along.

music to believe in,

two voices,

but one song.



Words of comfort,


Before beginning

Or ending.


Deepest thoughts

And heart’s belief.



Loss so great.

No time

To repent


And actions.


To grief.



Not later

Or tomorrow.

Time slips




To this thief.

Moment of Truth!

This truth is out there……. Scully or Mulder I’m not sure about. But Marks sees it!

Healing Your Heart From Within

Right, I’m going to stick my head out here. Yes, I’m only a new kid on the block but in my efforts to do the right thing and follow these ‘Awards’, and the appropriate etiquette so that I may fit into the community, I have inadvertently rocked everyone’s boat, including mine. Let me explain.  The entire purpose of these awards are to give to a range of people an award for, what we individually feel, are there beautiful points. Whether that is their expressions in writing, art, photography, spirituality, suffering, big hearts, great works or just giving for the pleasure of sharing. And let me be the first to hold my hand up and say, ‘This community is loaded with some amazing people’, and individually we find people that we find an interest in, and follow them and really like the space they are giving from.

So…along comes an award…

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Love – A Definition

Love conquers


Two become one.

Love conquers

Fear and heartache

For some.

Love conquers

Battles that rage

In each heart.

Love conquers

Hurts, betrayed

Far apart.


Love is

A mystery

Uncovered, united.

Love is

Supportive to

Spirits divided.

Love is

A wonder

To gaze on in awe.

Love is

The reason

We looked and we saw.


Love begins

When two hearts


Love begins

When two souls


Love begins

To show

A new way.

Love begins

Each dawn

Of new day.


Love suffers

Heartache when

Death plays its hand.

Love suffers

Fools, too proud

Or too grand.

Love suffers

For others and

Wishes them best.

Love suffers

Keenly at

Passing regrets.


Love is

The answer,

All questions it seeks.

Love is


Each day and all weeks.

Love is

A gift

Bestowed from the source.

Love is

All beauty,

Revealed, of course.

This Or That, Says Fate

Fate rapped upon my door last night

And offered me a deal,

Choose this or that, it’s up to you.

One will hurt but you will feel.


The other, you will get to live

Humming a sweet tune,

But ecstasy and agony

Will bay unto the moon.’


He did not say which this or that

Would reveal each gift I crave.

He looked at me, I pondered,

Then answer this, I gave.


‘To choose to feel would be the deal

I would most desire,

To know agony and ecstasy

In a burning love of fire,


But serenity, all lost to me

I could not so endure.

To choose this or that for certain,

I really am not sure.’


I made to close the open door

When chanced my eye upon his face,

His the look of tormenting tempter

To lure me from all grace.


I pushed,

To slam the door to end

All conversation

With dubious friend


But halted as he spoke,


‘Your subtle meanings here and there,

Your secret, hidden glances,

Reveal to me in image clear

You would love to take such chances’.


I began to say he had me wrong,

When sweet agony pierced the balmy air,

A nightingale commenced his song,

Passed through my heart then rested there.


He knew my weakness, knew it well,

That future days would look and laugh

At all the things I never did

And wish I’d done by half.


I wedged my toe between wall and door

To leave it quite ajar,

Fate took one look, smiled wryly, said,

‘You’ll never go too far.


Too sensible for major risk,

Responsible as well’.

Smug he looked, I slammed the door,

Told him to go to hell.


So what if this or that appears,

Tempts and haunts in coming years?

For Fate forgot I have a voice

And this, in life, gives me some choice.


This or that may come my way

And offer black or white,

But life has shown that few things here

Are simply wrong or right.


This or that exist upon

Extending visual spectrum

Where many shades fall in between,

Consider well then choose some


Variety in spice of life,

Not this or that be bound by,

Muted some, while others flare,

Colours all surround me.


If Fate should choose to call again

Come tapping at my door,

I’ll use the peep-hole just to check

Then him, I will ignore.


I’ll take my chances with my life,

I’ll make choices and embrace all

With wider field of vision now,

Than before he came to call.


Some lies protect

The honest truth,

Spoken not to kill,

Preventive measures,

Subtly taken,

To reinvent the will.


Some truths reveal

A lie beneath,

Exposed in all its glory.

Sometimes fibs

And partial truths

Hide a different story.


Some people swear

To honesty

In strictest of devotion,

Others swear


To camouflage emotion.




In many forms,


Different ways and

So conforms


In words

Too hard to say,

Though true,



Facts anew.



Do this

All the time.

They lie

And hope that

All is fine


Till caught in


Flouting one,


They hide,

Until someone


Reveals that,


Though not ideal,

A lie may


How others feel.