Books In My Mind

Old stories revisited and pictures viewed,

Words known from before, inhaled and imbued.

Classics to keep inside and forever,

Authors of wisdom and words that I treasure.

Turning the pages of yesterday’s books,

Remembering when I first had a look

At fantastical writing from many admired,

Enthralled by the images their stories inspired.

Then turning to new, where words are devotion

Embracing the talent of author’s emotions.

Wondering how they find what to say

In marvellous prose and poetic array.

Searching for new meanings inside the old,

In all of the stories I’ve ever been told,

In all of the writings I’ve ever read,

That now live inside me, exist in my head.

Profusion of persons making a trail

Imparting illusion I breathe and inhale.

Delightful depictions of destiny found

In reading and sorting these books all around

On library’s shelves where they live till I find

Rediscovered treasures I keep in my mind.


By The Fireside

Resist the urge to sleep your days away,

Though winter nights creep and steal the light.

Rather yet, snuggle in for tales by fireside,

Where flaming fantasies ignite.

Let leaping flares fuel imagination,

Transfixed by interlacing dance, coiling all around

Like lovers arms and legs entwined in burning glow,

Glazing eyes, as wonders therein abound.

One More Moment

One more day,

Is my request,

To laugh and talk and cry

At life and all its wonders,


By you and I.


One more hour,

I would accept,

If life could happen twice,

To share a cup of tea or three,

Some biscuits

And advice.


One more minute,

I would take,

To hug and hold you tight

Knowing that, inevitably,

You’d be too soon gone,

Travelling through the night.


One more second,

For a smile

To light your lovely face.

Just one more,

Then I’d let you go

Back to your life of grace.


But every day in mind

You are

Just a thought away,

Remembered always,


From birth until all days.

Wild The Night

Cast shadows in the cutting darkness,

Bitter winds without,

Keening darkly, piercing souls.

Grey to black the skies succumb,

Hell’s fortune takes a hold.


Cloaking stars, this shroud of night


Fraught intention.

Limbs yield, submit to strength,

Trees sway in rapt attention.


Too chilled the dusk

To venture forth,

Impending nightfall blurs the track,

A wanted warmth remains inside

Where comfort welcomes back.


Progress moves forward, time cannot pause,

Past is unchanging, we know this because

Nothing, here present, allows us to alter

Yesterday’s stories, yet we stutter and falter,


To grasp our todays and heal where we may

Holding to history, as if we could say,

‘That never happened. That book is a lie.’

If we live in the past, we suffer and die


To future’s new chances, a life with less pain,

But still we persist in living again

In past recollections where sorrow is spent,

Move on with new hope, life is but lent


For such a short while, each day just a gift,

In peril we waste them, let soul and heart lift.

A new understanding, resume with your living

Reconciling with self, be much more forgiving.


As, many the times, we look and we see,

The burden of guilt is on you and on me.

Progress rewards us with many advances

But we must be watchful. Seize all our chances


To live our new days each present, here now,

For, come our tomorrows, they may not allow

The same opportunities to develop and grow

In wisdom of life. No secret. We know


That life and its loving, all it may offer

Is rarely mistaken, it seeks to proffer

Many a lesson, if we can but learn, that

Progress, development, come in their turn


To challenge our theories, our thoughts and our ways,

Embrace what is past but go on with our days.

Change is a happenstance, a gurgling stream,

Never stagnating, let not your dreams


Be caught in the yesterdays, where nothing can vary.

Progress is wonderful, though sometimes quite scary!

Smile at the present, resist the long face,

Being happy in now, knows no disgrace


If thought and a heart, cleared of distress,

Love and forgive. We can do no less

If some of the morals we needed to know,

Experience helped us and taught us to grow.


Goodbye to the past, although it has formed us,

Hello to today, yesterday informed us

In mercy and kindness where all who may seek,

Receive and give freely, all days of each week.



Shows a better face,


With some grace,


That love and life

Go on their way.

Some hurts will go

While others stay.


Look kindly on

Another’s track,

Bless their footsteps,

May nothing lack


In all that others’

Needs may be.

Compassion works

For you and me.

Me talk? Never!

Anyone who knows me

Knows I like a natter.

I really try to never gossip

But I admit I like to chatter.


I also can be very quiet

Then people ask, ‘what’s up?’

As if somehow my silence means

I’m angry or fed up.


It usually means I’m thinking

Or daydreaming all the while,

I have to say to them, ‘ I’m fine’

And remember to give a smile.


Since blogging here I’ve never stopped

Jawing with new mates.

Some even know it’s caused some grief

With my family who hates


The fact that I am gone awol

Several hours a day.

I say to them it’s just a means

Of having time to play,


Just like them, though better yet

For, in this lovely place,

Dialogue and writing

Receives awards to place


Upon a page where I can look,

Every now and then,

And be thankful that some people read

What pours forth from my pen.


A fellow poet, Morgan,

Awarded me another,

Blog Of 2013,

Along with several others.


A few days later Kerry gave

Another, just the same,

I get to rise up through the stars

And put them by my name.


It’s a privilege when I’m so bestowed,

But it’s really rather humbling

To respond as if I’m such a talent,

When really I’m just mumbling


Words with those who peruse a lot

And ‘like’ a daily read

I’m flattered still, delighted, for

They nourish and they feed


Enthusiasm for this place

Where everyone’s so kind

To read and comment back to me;

Silence would worry at my mind.


I have the honour of selecting then

All those that I enjoy,

My daily reads, my favourites.

A task I try hard to avoid.


To pick a few, just some of those

Who fill my daily life,

Who add so much to my portrayal

As mother, sister, wife


And all the other roles I play

In living every day.

Writing here and reading

Has enriched so much of my days.


And nights as well, if truth be told,

Waking up with thoughts in mind

Jotting them down quickly

But in the morning, often find


I cannot read what I have written

Unless I recollect

My dreams of night and images,

I’m beginning to suspect


That, if I could, I’d do this job

For nothing. Yes, no pay,

If someone else would pay the bills

Or if they’d simply go away.


Alas, alack, I have to work

Just like many here

Irritating, isn’t it, when mind

Exists elsewhere?


I’m finding now that, at odd times,

Not always most convenient,

I want to sit and write my thoughts

But my boss would not be lenient


If she found that I was shirking,

Though important to my thinking,

Writing when I have to teach,

Everything that people say, I’m linking


To blogs or posts I want to write.

I told you I can’t stop.

It’s just like chatting out my thoughts,

I’ll do it till I drop


From verbal disease that must occur

If talking does not cease,

If writing everything I think,

Just will not give me peace.


I have to go though I’m in flow

With daily idle chatter,

I haven’t had my dinner yet!

And though that does not matter,


I have to keep my energy

Levels on the up.

Otherwise I may be forced

To pause or just shut up.


If you have read all this way down

Please enter your name here

In the comments section

Worry not, please have no fear


I will not phone your mobile

Or plan oral onslaught.

Simply that, next time round,

You deserve award!


No hauf in hand, no glass of wine.

This is just the way I am.

Apologies for being verbose,

This might go to your spam!


So here we are, I got there

Right to the very end.

Pick some bloggers that I love,

Those that feel like friends.


But some don’t do it any more.

I get their point of view.

I honour feelings in this matter,

But what’s a girl to do?


I know. I’ll nominate them anyway.

I really can’t do otherwise.

My daily reads are too important,

Please do not despise


The sentiment is still heartfelt,

There’s really not much grind.

Mine is long, ‘cos after haikus,

I needed to empty mind!

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Sleep. Arise.

Haiku x  5 . Daily Post Challenge


Conscious mind desists,

Over at last, diminished

Light, a flick of wrist.


Sleep softly at last,

Angelic wings fan fever,

Calmness comforts soul.


Portents of future

Glimpsed in dreamlike journeying,

Recalled in waking.


Funnelled coloured light,

Filtered through stained, rainbow glass,

Brighter hued delight.


Authorship of mind,

Penned for public perusal,

Co-owned thoughts outlined.