Sometimes Song

Sometimes I understand

Everything about you,

Who you are,

Where you are coming from,

What lies hidden within.

Sometimes I look in your eyes,

Deeply knowing,

I hear your song.

Straight to my heart

The melody begins.


Sometimes I wonder,

I shake my head

In disbelief,

Lost in muddied waters

At what I fail to see.

Sometimes searching through pools

Clouded by errant thoughts,

Caught in spirals of gloom,

Chasing your mind,

While you flee.


Sometimes I do not know

Anything about you

At all.

Nothing transmits,

Error codes find fault.

Sometimes I want to give up

Lie down,


Begin again,

Revert to position default.


Sometimes you shut yourself

Away from me,

Leave a bank of unknowing

Nothing credited,

Deposited, withdrawn.

Sometimes I fail

In all efforts to reach,

To breach the divide.

Sometimes there’s nothing,

Save forlorn.


Sometimes all hope

Descends into abyss,

No bliss,

Nothing computes,

We’re lost.

Sometimes a ray shines


Partial illumination

Protects, averts,

No need to count the cost.


Sometimes we go on

In the face of all.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes Song”

    1. Thanks Jen. I’m glad you loved it. Bit of a strange place I’m in this weekend. Mulling lots of things over. I suppose we all have ones we don’t always ‘get’. Really pleased you enjoyed it.x


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