I’m Sorry

I’m sorry

Isn’t hard to say.

It’s easy.

I said it twice yesterday

And once, so far, today.

It’s easy.


The hardest part is reaching

To the place where

You know you’re way off mark.

Not easy.

To decide to rectify

What you’ve done wrong.

Not easy.

To judge yourself

And find the faults,

Not easy.

To resist

Justifying words and acts,

Not easy.


I’m sorry

Isn’t hard to say

Once sorrowful

Has found its sway.

So easy.


I’m hoping that

No more today

I’ll have cause

To have to say

I’m sorry.

But, if I do,

Be rest assured

I’ll swallow


And reassure

The one to whom

I have caused


So easy.


To see


Within their eyes

And know that

I have realised

I was wrong.


26 thoughts on “I’m Sorry”

  1. What’s the song “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”? Sometimes it’s not easy to swallow pride and admit we were wrong, or indeed to find fault within ourselves…and in life we keep learning xxx


    1. That really is the hardest part. I don’t like it one bit. But once fault is acknowledged it absolutely needs saying. Hope there’s no more for today. 😉 One helluva weekend for being sorry. x


      1. It crosses all boundaries.
        I find myself apologising wherever it is necessary. Even with my kids. If I know I’ve been wrong or unduly hard. And I expect the same from them. Getting the words from them is not always possible. But I accept olive branches too. Actions. Hugs. Texts. A cup of tea made. Whatever. They love us really. 😉

        Someone I knew a long time ago told me she would never say sorry even if she knew she was wrong. I cannot comprehend that. Needless to say she and he are no longer married. One person always apologising while the other never does is no way to go.
        Reciprocity. In everything.x


      2. I can’t understand those who can’t apologise- what purpose does it serve?? Holding out just in spite. Yes getting an apology from my girl is like pulling teeth…but she will offer the olive branch with actions…some times 🙂 x


      3. Better than nothing. It seems that some really struggle with the words but can do the deeds. It is difficult for them to swallow their pride. And that is a pity. I look at my own kids and acknowledge the different ways, according to personality, how they come around. Each one channelling sorry in their own unique ways.

        My own parents were like that. Well, I suppose I don’t know what words they may have used in private. But sorry usually took an olive branch form from both. Maybe that’s why I don’t like that way. If I’m wrong I’ll say I’m wrong.
        That way we’re totally clear on the whys and the hows. Straightforward truth. It works for me.
        Some people do find it off putting right enough. Too blunt. ;)x


  2. Sorry is easy to say if it’s not heartfelt. In that case people should just refrain. If it’s heartfelt it’s always worth saying. Excellent subject and beautiful writing x


    1. I know. I hate when someone tells me sorry then does the same again! Kids are guilty of that. We hope as adults that we’re not. But we fall and fall again. Reaching inside sucks. A lot. But once done, the words have to follow.
      Thank you for reading and commenting, Jerri. It makes a difference to know that others feel the same.x


    1. Thank you. I had no idea being sorry could be more beneficial than catharsis. But lovely people like yourself acknowledging the truth of sorry makes me think it is even more worthwhile. Thank you once again.x


    1. I want to cry now!
      It was my fault.
      I don’t really deserve praise for doing what I had to do.
      But I’m so happy you found it touching.
      Maybe we all can learn from each other.
      I must admit I feel so much better for saying it. I hate carrying burdens of guilt.
      Thank you again for your kind words. They really make a difference.x


      1. Lady, you breathe poetry, don’t you !
        You are an inspiration. Someday, if I write poetry, I’ll dedicate it to you !


  3. My daughter always wells up with tears in saying she’s sorry. I do too sometimes because uou’re right, saying the words isn’t so hard, its the facing your wrong and understanding how/why you offended that can be so hard.


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