Of Writing

Some people are annoyed at me

And I suppose it is no wonder.

In spending hours in writing,

I’m leaving them to blunder

Through the chores

And all the dishes.

I dole out hugs,



But really,

It’s an awful ask,

To cease, desist, refrain

From task

Of writing what I have to pour

Upon these pages and

Many more.

The dam has burst,

It’s here to stay.

They muddle on

In disarray,

Mum has left

The kitchen sink,

I’ve disappeared

To write and think.

The truth is out,

They can’t decide

If mum’s depressed

And needs to hide.

When all I try

To say to them, is

I’m pouring ink from

Out of pen

Upon the whiteness

Of the page,

Please understand,

Don’t fuss

Or rage

At absence in

The living room,

I’m stoking fire

Of words

To bloom,

Like flowers

On the window sill,

I’ve not forgotten

Boy or girl.

But I am out

And this is it,

Live and learn,

Don’t give a shit

If ironing’s done

Or who hit whom.

Sort it out.

I’m in my room

Feeling freer

Than before,

Open mind,

Closed bedroom door.

What to say to

Those who matter,

I’m here beside you

But you must cater

To my needs,

When after all

I work all day,

Cease not at all.

In evening’s light

I spend my time

Fixing words

That want to rhyme,

Shaping thoughts

That form in mind,

Reliving dream

I have to find

To end the pain

Of silent pen.

I’m still here,

You’ll live again.


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49 thoughts on “Of Writing”

  1. Really enjoyable read, Keep writing it took me 6 month to get the courage to post my poems but now i post all i write. Its like a year ago someone opened a door into my soul and i can’t close it and don’t want to x


    1. That’s the way I feel. I’ve always written. For as long as I can remember. But this is really the first time to do anything with it. Now there really is no shutting me up. So they’re all just going to have to live with a mum that’s only part-time. ;)x


      1. Now there’s an idea. I might stick it on the fridge, near the cooker, beside the sink, in the loos. Wherever they think I should be! Yeah, I think I might. Even just for their reactions. Might get a post out of it. :)x


      2. So could you. Let’s give it a go. If I have to leave home right enough that will make a whole other post! But they will not stop me. I’m determined. Up the writers. United we stand. :)x


  2. Whoohoo! The Bardess that roared 🙂 Love it, but I suppose by now the troops are off licking their wounds. But beware, for they may seek retribution….tears, anger, screaming and threats of living out on the streets!
    Be strong Bardess, for they will question the truth of this tempest.
    You just want to walk in the door, be handed a glass of wine, gently have your shoulders massaged while you pour out the pains of your labour after a hard days work….is that asking too much? 🙂
    And maybe a couple of hours tuning the Bardess’s blog!
    Well, at least to be loved and appreciated for all that! 🙂
    I, and many others see you for who you are, the poet to our souls that will save us from our despair and folly out in this dingy world!
    Maybe they should be forced to read what you do…then they will begin to understand the love that is your work and the healing that it does!
    Write on Bardess, write on…for at least you will be remembered in poem and song for this gift that you give to all us lesser souls and be shunned by the unwashed, for they do not understand!



    1. Your words are way too kind, Mark. Lovely but really too generous.
      One or maybe two in my family ‘get’ the need. One because she also loves writing. The other because she thinks I deserve this time, this outlet for something that has plagued me forever.
      The rest? Well, let’s just say they feel my absence from the fray. But, they are nearly all of an age where their own independence and self-sufficiency decree they have no right to question how I spend my leisure time. And there has to be some!
      Besides which, even when I’m ensconced in my room there isn’t an evening goes by where one, two, three or even four of them end up in beside me for a while perched on my bed chatting! Aye, and sometimes their pals!
      They have even listened to some of my bits and pieces. (Not my youngest!) They’ve had a laugh at my videos. Wee buggers! Then I tell them to scram. And they do. 😉
      I have to do this anyway, I finally realise. And the family will cope with a full-time mum on part-time hours!
      Just have to work on hubby now. He doesn’t really ‘get’ it either but is prepared to take my word for it. 😉


      1. Of course they all love you. But like us all, their fears raises its head ‘right bloody now!’. That’s all. And so they do come in, sit by you, and absorb your truth for who you are. The Bardess, mum, wife, counsellor, cook, fortune-teller, writer and a myriad other things besides, is always there to fix a broken heart, tweak a doozy algebra lesson, or even just pour out her love to the citizens of your castle. The Sage within would not allow it to be any other way. But the poor hubby, he is probably left wondering who your talking about in your dreams…all those romantic verses, loving poetry…who are these people he asks…and confused more when it turns to the bloody politicians…verses of anger, dire warnings and cries of retribution when your next at the polls…must feel a bit confused. Maybe a lovely heartfelt poem to the one you do love, deep felt and with the truth within…soften his fears and who knows, you may even get a lovely meal in bed and a hug or two to just say he loves you anyway.
        May your ‘citizens’ of your castle always pay their taxes, clean up their rooms and bow as you sweep by on your….(what do you ride?)…motorised laptop? 🙂


      2. So sweet, Mark. I needed that tonight. Another angst – filled evening in the castle. They’ve all stayed out of my road tonight. I wonder why?! 😉
        Life just sometimes shits right in your eye. And I thought that was supposed to be lucky.
        New day tomorrow. New start. New seconds to hammer away at.
        Just lots going on at the moment. And not all glorious, shall we say? But, hey ho, and on. It’s life.
        I’m pretty sure hubby would be curious. If he read my blog. But he doesn’t. At least, not to my knowledge. Doesn’t ‘get’ it, as I said. But then I don’t ‘get’ his running. Vive la difference.
        I don’t know about a meal in bed but I get a coffee every morning just to kick start me!
        A poem you say? Did one earlier but I don’t think he’d like it. 😉
        Better wait till I’m in a better frame of mind. I hate November. There’ll be no living with me as the winter rolls on. Time to break out the SAD lamp.
        Thanks for your lovely comment. Mark. It means a lot. I might not bite anyone else’s head off tonight. My bad. x

        Tonight it’s a broomstick…..


      3. Raise your drawbridge, light your fire and sip from the well of your heart. It is unending and will hug you back for those days that seem grey and wet and go on forever. It is but a blink in the life of a poet and will gain you more wisdom so that you can share that within your poetry for the world to share. Keep the light burning within, as its glow is there for all to see, and the answers to the troubles of your world will announce themselves when they are ready. In the meantime, give that love to yourself, balance who you are within, and then give from that place. The mum’s of the world always seem to be the rock, the last line of defence, the wall that will not be crushed…but you must give to yourself first, so that wall will be shored up and give great strength to help your journey. Love, light and lots of energy coming your way to balance the mum within. Namaste


      4. That is the best way of healing! Let it flow for it reveals your truth. Express what you feel within so that all may understand. Namaste
        P.S. And get some sleep, it heals much 🙂


    1. I’m afraid that’s how I feel about ironing anyway. 😉 But all the more so if it’s competing for my time. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it. And I’m happy you enjoyed it.x


  3. I loved your video reading of this too. Such wonderful words and a great explanation of the need to express through writing for those who don’t “get” it 🙂


    1. And so many don’t ‘get’ it. I suppose if you don’t, it just looks as if I’m doing nothing. And doing nothing is not an option for mammies generally. ;)x


    1. It’s waking me up in the middle of the night. I’m leaving school at lunchtime to go somewhere quiet to write. It’s really like a tap being turned on! And I don’t want it to stop. So, I’m afraid they’re just going to have to learn to live with it. ;)x


      1. Oh there always has to be some kind negotiations, its seems. Now that it’s just my husband and I here at our house, I still have to make concessions about some things. But as long as I can steal away for several hours most of the time to do my posts life is good. I hope you can continue sticking to your guns. By the way, I got to visit Scotland for the very first time last June, and I fell in love with the land and its people. Natalie 🙂


      2. If I was just negotiaiting with my husband it would be a doddle. 😉 It’s the kids. Didn’t realise they would notice if I wasn’t in the kitchen. 🙂
        Scotland has some beautiful parts to it? And we’re quite friendly. 🙂 Where were you coming from?x


      3. Now that made me laugh. When it came to their bellies, they missed you, huh?! Yes, I did find the people of Scotland very friendly and I love your accents. If it had been up to me, I might never have left, but my husband is a born and bred Texan who vows to never leave here. I was born in and grew up in southern California, but my mom was from here. At her sister’s imploring we moved back here after her mother died, and I’ve been here ever since. If it weren’t for July and August it would be a grand place to live for the most part. But those two months are UNBEARABLY hot for this California girl. So I do an awful lot of groaning and complaining during the summer especially since along with the horrible heat we’ve been dealing with a severe drought for over 5 years now. I love the green of Scotland, a green that’s never parched like our lands, and the lovely cool summer temperatures. Oh my, before I ramble on forever, let me just say how glad I am to at least have found a Scottish voice to read that in some way brings back the wonderful images of Scotland we saw. Natalie


      4. We had a beautiful summer this year. But I can’t imagine what it would be like with the temperatures you get out your way. Hot for us is a mere fraction of yours. yes lots of greenery here. Mainly due to lots of rain. Lol. I’m glad too that you have found your way to this little bit of Scotland. Now you can practise the accent. :)x


      5. Oh, if I only could speak with that lovely accent. I love rain; besides dealing with this abominable heat, I’ve missed that terribly during this drought. We’ve gotten some but not nearly as much as I’d like or we used to get. I so glad I found my way to your little bit of Scotland too. Sometime you’ll have to share where in Scotland you live and what name I can call you by. We only visited Edinburgh and St. Andrews but would love to come back some day and see more. On the weather app on my cell phone, I’ve added those two places so I can see over a year’s time what your weather there is like. 🙂


      6. Well, some of my videos are done with the Glaswegian accent. So you can have a wee practise. I live about 5 miles outside of Glasgow. I seem to have picked up the name Scottie here. 😉
        We’ve been having frost days for the last week or so. central heating on to take the chill out of the air. That’ll be us through to about March or April. And then it’s wait and see. 🙂

        I know St. Andrew’s fairly well. We’ve been visiting there practically every year for the last twenty years or so. I love St. Andrew’s. Although it’s classified as a city it’s intimate enough to feel like a small town and it has some lovely wee craft shops and book stores. Well, it did have. We actually didn’t get up that way the last two years. we ended up in Perthshire and in the Highlands. Glorious country and views.x


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