I don’t feel …lightly, calmly,

It’s not part of a plan.

When I feel, I feel for real

That’s just the way I am.

Passion burns so brightly,

It’s who I am inside.

Others cannot comprehend,

And so I try to hide

This part of soul

That feels unwhole,


In being,

If asked to be, expected so,

All rational, no feeling.

Many things

Extract that part,

Imbue my senses,

Fill my heart.

A curse, I feel,

To feel for real

When others deal

In notions.

I wish to God I had

Some magic,

Self-healing ,

Non-feeling potion.


Then I could sup 

Life’s awesome cup

And calmly walk away,

Replete, complete

In life that cheats,

And fight another day.

8 thoughts on “Non-Feel”

    1. I suppose that’s true. I just don’t get how indifferent people can be to life at times. It must make for an easier passage. But, when all’s said and done we can’t be other than who we are. So, more poems to follow I imagine. ;)x


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