Some seek razor’s callous blade

Purging self, lifeblood to seep.

Some tear at hair revealing angst,

Others silently scream and weep.


For others yet, a different path

In sublimation’s folly,

Force a smile and falsely laugh,

Curse at all that’s holy,


Decry the day that all went wrong,

Denounce fate’s twisted grasp,

Sadly sing their sorrow song,

Cry for what is past.


Others still arise anew,

Befitting life’s request,

Acknowledge all that’s always true,

Go on and do their best.


To slouch in quiet servitude

Where gloomy thoughts abound,

Does not do one whit of good,

No one wants this around.


Ascension then must be the plan,

Rise up and feel the glory,

Courage makes a better man

And writes a wholesome story


Of character and blessed light,

Faith in worldly matters,

From far beyond, so in the night,

Divinity beatifies and scatters


The richest of all love it knows

To those who need it most,

Tender soul to soothe and salve,

This from heaven’s host.


So hope it is the answer to

A wearied sentiment,

As above so down below,

To earth from firmament.

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