Complications blow my mind!

A simpler truth I seek to find.

It lets my thoughts free to unwind.

In simplicity, I feel less blind.


Every time I hear a row

I question why and even how

It started, then I thus avow

To settle it right here and now.


Questions seek the lowest form,

Ingenuous answers that conform

To unassuming, artless norm, so

Unpretentious keeps me warm


Naivete is viewed as flaw,

Artlessness leaves others raw,

Seeking as they do a straw

To cling to oscillating yaw.


I’d rather hear the simple truth.

I’ve been this way from as a youth.

Complications are uncouth,

A mask for those long in the tooth.


Straightforward solutions satisfy,

Resolutions do not decry

Minimalist treasures we espy.

So seek to simplify.


Nature’s wonderful creation

Fills my soul with such elation,

Complicated configuration,

Portrayed in guileless adoration.


12 thoughts on “Simplicity”

  1. Well done. That took a little tongue twisting to read, must have tested the vocabulary a little as well. Well, it would have tested mine anyway. Thank you for the share, hope it is releasing a Bardess’s inner complication’s as well 🙂


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