Mythological womanhood,

Portrayals past and present,

Engendering all powerful,

Cause now to resent.

Procreation fuels such awe,

Though children all we be,

Legendary legacies

Restrict, so none are free.

Dissent among the gods on high

And on the earth below,

Mankind receives while woman grieves,

All must seek to learn and know.

15 thoughts on “Legacies”

    1. It is indeed a power, Brenda and the suffering may go on long after birth. The responsibilities never really diminish. My perception of this when writing this poem was less about man’s resentment and more my own. When women are perceived as life givers somehow the sense of who we are becomes lost in the roles we live. Expectations of others are and have always been, it seems, that one role supersedes all and the sacrificial aspect of that is something felt keenly at times. It is a wonderful role to be mother but it is also one that invokes great expectations from all others around us. I was feeling that people generally may be very hard on women per se because one woman becomes all that womanhood represents. She must somehow fulfill the mythology that surrounds her sex.
      Just some reflections on how the world views womankind and the expectations that accompany those views. Maybe if the rose tinted glasses were removed a truer realisation of people generally would be evident. For I am equally sure that women have preconceived ideas of the role of men. I just thought that perhaps the ability to procreate has always coloured expectations. ;)x


      1. Yes, I thought maybe there was more there, but I wasn’t sure what your underlying issue was, but now you’ve laid it out for my poor tired brain, I agree with you. It is impossible to do anything other than fail as a parent at least sometimes, we are only human after all — we get sick, we have bad days, we get depressed, we get obsessed or various other issues. We are not the archetype or the goddess. I always tell my kids: “I’m not superwoman.” Kids are sturdy, though, and they don’t need superwoman really. Our weak moments are when they learn to cope, and they need those skills. They need to learn to nurture and give back. We have to aspire to great behavior, though, because if we don’t try, we can’t succeed on the good days.


      2. That’s it exactly. The impossible archetype. My mind was going everywhere with it. Thinking of cultures where women are so expected to be the model of all perfection, where no room for humanity and failings are recognised. At least, not publicly. I suppose in many ways we are lucky that our culture is not ‘so’ steeped in the ideology. But there still exists, I think, the notion that women are answerable to an idea and impressions that have been cultivated over centuries. Anyway, enough of my meanderings. 😉 I’m me. You’re you. We’re all just who we are. And we go on and try our best in the flawed manner that everyone has. Men included. Flawed beings all. 🙂 Big smiles. Life is what we make it.
        That’s the worst thing about poetry. My mind is going one place and it’s not necessarily where everyone else’s is going when they read. 😉
        You have a great grasp of reality, Brenda. Think that pasta and wine need to be enjoyed at some juncture. :)x


      3. Our human failings make our successes that much more spectacular. Poetry is a great way of taking a slice of life and examining and celebrating it. I’m enjoying our chat over a cup of tea. I’m ready for some oatmeal, now though. Or a muffin. Or an egg. I think my stomach has woken up. 🙂 Perhaps it’s time for my morning meander. My waking walk. 🙂 Take care, deep thinker, 🙂 x


      4. That sounds pleasant. A morning meander. I’ve had my toast and coffee. The day should be well under way but I’m catching up here before I begin there.
        Think it’s time I lightened up. Even I can only take so much of my ponderings. Back to fantasy methinks. Reality’s all very well. Up to a point. Human failings aside. I think some much needed romance is in order. Poems to follow! :)x


      5. I’m full of autumn beauty now after my morning meander and a bacon, egg and gouda from Starbucks. Life is grand. 🙂 A touch of romance is just what is needed. The other face of the female goddess archetype. 😉


  1. So you are a Goddess? I knew that, only Goddess’s can keep pouring out the love while being hammered mercilessly from all around. You have my undying praise for what all women are 🙂


    1. I am no goddess. Thank god. Our roles as caregivers together with that of man keep the home fires burning and love flowing. I’m afraid my poem was more a reflection on interpretations of womankind. And how the perceptions may ask so much more than a human woman is sometimes capable of being. We are first all human. Despite mythology and legend. Weak, not powerful. Strong but not invincible. Loving but not without need. Human. ;)x


      1. Yes, I suppose that is true. For me, my perception of the woman around me, has been one of, them being there for one and all during some of the most stressful times, and doing that in an incredibly selfless way, for there is no other standing behind her to take up the load. In this it is very wrong. It should not reach such a disproportionate load that they feel guilty or overloaded for not doing some perceived notion of just what a woman is supposed to be. Reality states that all relationships should be a shared partnership, communicated in such a way that no one feels they are obligated or manipulated into such a position that it will only breed anger or guilt where none should be. Sorry, my feminine side of my healing comes forth here. I think I must have been a mother in some other life 🙂 Anyway, I do hope that the balance within the family unit has been found and more than that, understanding so that the trust and love can be re-established and allow some smiles and laughter back into your lives. Namaste


      2. I must be depressing the hell out of everyone. 😉

        You’re absolutely right. Balance and reciprocity. I do think though that the world has a distorted view of the roles we all should play. Some imaginings of what is involved rather than the truth of reality. Life does have it’s moments of struggle and understanding needs to be in place.
        We’re doing here what all must do, I suppose. Reflecting, talking, making decisions, planning, keeping pathways open among all. The issue probably has been ignoring where difficulties lay. Head in the sand syndrome, perhaps. Thank you for your thoughts and words, Mark. They are always given with such care. And greatly appreciated.x


      3. Thank you and it is my pleasure. And a truth is never depressing, it allows for shadows to be removed and brings it into the light. And thank you for what you have been through and shared, for it allows us to ‘see’ so we may step towards that truth and no longer be ‘blind’. Namaste


      4. I don’t know about depressing anyone else then. I’ve depressed the feck out of myself. 😉

        No, writing things helps me clarify my thoughts and sometimes putting them into a few words encapsulates for me the whole. I do hope the words help others. We all have shared experiences. No one’s life is perfect. Shit happens, as they say. 😉

        Removing the blinkers bit by bit. Namaste, Mark.x


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