Innocence Injured

No callous thoughts

Nor cold intent

Should dwell where love’s

Been freely spent.


Unequalled pleasure

Can’t decry

Where love was known

Though, by and by,


Treasured moments

One time enthralled,

Glimpsed afar,

Now unrecalled.


Bitter hearts

Disclaim, with voice,

Past memories

As if no choice


Had taken part

In ending all,

Hostile relations

After the fall


From grace and trust

Where love was living,




They passed this way,

Once hand in hand,

A surer love,

No wedding band


Could so unite

The two apart,

Where love once dwelt

Lives broken heart


And cordial calmness

Claims surrender,

Harsh words, contempt

Sever, dismember,


Leaving nought

But recollections,


Bittersweet perfection.


Imperfect memory

Chills to the core

All treasured moments,

Never more.


Coupled collapsing

Feels dismay,

Abysmal distrust,

Love cannot stay.


They grieve their loss

In strangest manner,

Vindictive, cruel,

A jealous rancour.


These people are

Still known to me,

I watch

And listen carefully


And ponder how

A love once sown,

Grew then withered,

Split to the bone.


Words, then endearing,

Draw blood, now bitten,

Fragmented love

From two once smitten.


Divided, riven,

Torn apart,

Indifference chills

But where to start


When coldness turns

To malevolence

And hurts and robs

All innocence?


10 thoughts on “Innocence Injured”

  1. Ouch! Been there, but thankfully found my heart amongst the pain and realised it was up to me to let that lead me! 🙂 Not an easy journey, but one that shows all the emotions above are only to understand that pain. It’s when we finally feel why we feel so badly, and be truthful with ourselves, that we find the understanding of the fear underneath. Then, and only then, can we feel empathy, understanding and most of all, the ability to begin to live that new found truth. And when we do begin to love ourselves and give from that place because of that understanding, we then attract that love back into our lives. Namaste


    1. That makes so much sense. Growth and healing from hurt and confusion. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be open to that and it also takes an incredible time for some. If ever. And I wonder if some are capable of loving themselves.
      An unpleasant and sad conversation yesterday with a friend who has this in her immediate family. The devastation caused to all including grandparents, parents and children would be lessened if the malevolence could be kept at bay. The arguments over finance and custody and homes becomes the focus it seems, instead of what the problem was to begin with. It is so sad.
      A friend in tears and it’s not even her relationship. At least, not the matter itself. But sister, aunt, daughter witnessing the vitriol that spouts and poisons all around. Desperate in its intensity of vengeance. x


      1. And all, sadly, built from fear. More than anything they need someone to show them that. But, as you said, they are in a space where logic seems to have left the building. They are hurting so they react the only way they know how. Get a counsellor in there as soon as possible, a real one, some can be worse than the problem, and begin to get them to understand their fears, and it will begin to change, for them and the children. They seem to cop the brunt from both directions, unintentionally, and become scarred because of it. Hope they find that understanding, and all around them feel it. Namaste


      2. I’ll suggest that to her. She may be able to persuade her brother. But I doubt whether his ex will be receptive at the moment. Early days. Fear as you say. And clinging to all negativity in the meantime. Thanks though for the suggestion. I will say to her. Namaste.x


    1. I’ve seen this in my own extended family. In some cases it has healed enough for conversations to occur ‘normally’. In others the wounds just seem to fester more. Perhaps Mark’s counselling idea is needed, especially by those who just cannot move forward.x


      1. They probably won’t go until they are ready, but the option needs to be ‘put out there’ so that they can when needed. Usually the emotional anger or fear really locks them in initially, but as they thaw, they can see a way where before there seemed to be none. I hope it will create a change. Namaste


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