A madser

A fruitcake

An eejit

A darling



Good god

She is charming.

Tears are

Still flowing,

In fact

They are growing,



From night

Into morning.

To sleep with a giggle,

A snort, a guffaw

From sisterly musings

Laughing at nothing at all

And everything else

That makes for good cheer.

So bloody amazing,

My sister, my dear.


A voice unexpected

Calls out from the deep,

Enters my mind,

Troubles my sleep.

It whispers in sorrow,

Blighted it seems,

Tangles, entwines

In all of my dreams.

Meaning’s unclear,

Answers are none

For questions are woven,

Intricately spun.

Trapped in my mind,

Lost in my soul,

Arrives in the darkness,

Pleads to make whole.

Closed eyes review

Unworldly perusal,

Tears form in both

At day’s blunt refusal.