A madser

A fruitcake

An eejit

A darling



Good god

She is charming.

Tears are

Still flowing,

In fact

They are growing,



From night

Into morning.

To sleep with a giggle,

A snort, a guffaw

From sisterly musings

Laughing at nothing at all

And everything else

That makes for good cheer.

So bloody amazing,

My sister, my dear.

24 thoughts on “Sis”

    1. She is totally amazing. Knows me inside out just about. As I do her. Warts and all as they say. And ends me constantly with her humour. Love her to pieces.
      She was round at mine last night for several hours and we shared a couple of bottles of wine, a Chinese and some great fun. I went to bed laughing. Woke this morning to a Facebook conversation from her. And off we went again. LMAO Few people can do that for me.
      She’s just always there for me. And vice versa. The best.x


      1. That is very beautiful to hear that there are those relationships in the world. I’m jealous! And it would have been a great release after all you’ve been through lately. Mind you, you shock me…couple of bottles…bet the neighbours were wondering who was having all that fun 🙂


      2. Great neighbours.
        Shocked by a couple of bottles? Good god, you’d never last here!
        That was us finishing early. I’m always zonked on a Friday. I won’t tell you about our girly party the other week then. Lots of ladies. Lots of laughter. And a fair wee bit of wine. :)x


      3. LMAO 🙂 You are a bad girl! There may be a poem in that somewhere 🙂 Now control yourself, I’m off to bed as I have been asked out tomorrow for a coffee and some Dragon Boat Racing. if you be good I’ll see if I can get some pictures. Mind you it has gone from really bad bush fires last week to wild storms and flooding. We got 8 inches of rain on Wednesday night. Unbelievable! But it is a land of extremes! 🙂


      4. Bad? Me? I’m a pussy cat. I like life quite a bit. And sometimes it is a bit extreme. Happy days. 🙂
        Dragon Boat Racing I don’t know. I like dragons though. And boats. Not the racing so much. let me know tomorrow what it is. Off to bed for your busy day ahead. Some pics would be nice.
        I wonder if the land of extremes knows it is. And has an effect on the people as well as the climate. Hmmm. Have to think about that.:)x


      5. I think that is why we are so laid back over here. It can be a very dangerous but beautiful place. Between the weather, the dangerous creatures and just the hard life that it was in the early days, you live life as you may not be there tomorrow. Gives a much greater appreciation of all that you have. Night all, may your dreams not be interrupted by storms, snakes, spiders or wild dogs…or the drunk kids coming home from the dance 🙂


      6. Sounds like quite a good way to live life.
        Drunk kids I can handle. Myself? Not so much so. But I wasn’t drunk. We ate while we drank. Lines the stomach. 🙂
        Sleep well. Don’t think about the wild life. It’ll just make you want to get up and go to the dancing or something. Dreams have strange effects on people. ;)x


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