Two hours to muse

And trash, peruse.

Mags that dish the dirt.

Callous words and pictures,

Designed to cut and hurt.


Celebrities, I know not names,

Their efforts grant

Esteem and fame

And public humiliation.


Her hair’s a mess,

Look at her dress,

What a fright she looks!

Women mostly, though

Some men, warrant

Inclusion in these books.


I never see these mags at all

Except when hair needs gutting

Colour, style and, all the while,

Not just my hair gets cutting.


I know that some seek publicity,

Any type at all,

So, fair game seems to be the name

Of reporters; a free-for-all.


Rebuke and trash,

Cameras flash,

Perhaps they’re photoshopped.

I’m just so glad

That I’m not one whose name

Is lifted and then dropped.


An awful life,

Though some may think

Fame is worth the fortune,

But picked and prodded,

Talked about

Would be my cup of poison.


Mr Wilde was wrong.


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35 thoughts on “Trashed”

  1. Ha! I actually read the whole thing.
    Did you see my latest Photoshpped page, and then go to the link where there are 55 more pictures of this crap? No wonder young girls are having problems attaining the ‘perfect’ body. It is unattainable. These poor NORMAL girls are taught to hate their body unless they look like these photoshopped images. Then on the other side of the coin, since many of these fall into GQ, Maxim, and Victoria Secret show photos and catalogs, boys look at these and expect the perfect woman/girl to resemble these women. Nuts! So both are messed up with these unreal ads and photo shoots. How sad of a generation we are raising. Add on top of that mothers who are desperately trying to shoo away age, conquer these images of women, and to be the ideal older person (Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, just to name two). This is all messed up. Crazy Making!


    1. I saw that post. It was amazing how they did it. But so wrong. As you say, no wonder people have a distorted image of women and women of themselves.
      I ‘read’ two such magazines today where the crap is just mind-blowing. But, I did feel sorry for most of the celebs who were being ridiculed beyond belief. And I don’t know that some of the horror pictures hadn’t been photoshopped to make them newsworthy. You just can’t trust what you see. ;)x


      1. Now, for Americans, add we can’t trust the major media venues, and what do we have? Nothing we can trust to see, hear, or read. What kind of a world are we in? Now you see why I like my cave, and why I am so afraid of the day when I will have to go back into the real world. I may have to add agoraphobia to my list of disabilities.


      2. Well, you can fit in between Minxy and Wicca. Wizard is curled in a blanket sitting right next to me, so there is no room there. I am sure the cats won’t mind you, as long as you pet them non-stop while sitting there.


      3. I wanted to name her something that wasn’t usual since she is solid black, well except for the casual grey hair, which we are pulling as soon as we find them. I noticed so many people name them blackie, ebony, shadow, Smokey, etc. It was either Wicca or Aleister Crowley, and I think people might look at me funny either because they don’t know who is, or that the name is sincerely fucked up.


      4. He wrote the Devil’s bible of the Satan’s Bible, not sure which one it was, but it comes out the same way. He was in London, I believe, and he established the first Satanic Church there. It spread, like plagues do, to America, and thus we have the Senate, Congress, and the President.


      5. Hussy?! What a belter! Can anyone measure up to Hugh? Even my hubby’s getting a bit fed up of me calling him Hugh, in the dark. 🙂 Kiddin’ on. I wouldn’t do that. Well, I haven’t so far. ;)x


      6. Poor bugger! Your husband has been measured against that Hollywood Hunk for so long. (ask him to change his name to Hugh…then when you call out in the dark he’ll just think it’s him that has you all in a ……(you know….hot & bothered place!). But I didn’t say that! Glad no one else is reading this 🙂


      7. You might be in with a shout! We’ve had Mel Gibson too in the past. Before he went all arsey and mad. Um, Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings. Um, that might be it. So far. I think. :)x


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