Grow A Pair

They have no balls,

No, none at all,

My mum used to say

When enraged

At bullying wives

Who controlled husbands’ lives,


Wrote every page.


It works in reverse,

We know this, of course,

Men who abuse

With their power,

Using mind force

Or physical strength,

Curbing freedom

Hour by hour.


Bullies both, then,

Women and men

Who seek always

The upper hand.

Shove on their arses,

Grow a pair, be firm.

They’ve no right, no right at all.

Take a stand.


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20 thoughts on “Grow A Pair”

  1. Lived that life. Not so much about growing a pair as it is getting you head around why you stay. I got my mind around it and after 35 years, stopped staying.


    1. Glad to hear of it. You may well be right about finding the reasons why. So many I know have stuck it until they too found that they and their lives deserved more. Then their lives turned right around. A joy to see their happiness where once had been confusion and little hope. Namaste.x


      1. We know the happiness is out there, so why stay? It is harder than anyone knows. I look back and see so much. I think I didn’t tell many about it and they were so surprised that a strong person put up with so much. I still ponder and research my past life and wonder why. It is very interesting at this point and I talk about it more.


      2. I know within my extended family it took many years. In one case over 20 before time was called. So difficult when determination to maintain the relationship is strong. Not wanting to ‘give up’ And yet, onlookers could see that the problem was bigger than sticking with it.
        I’m so glad you feel able to explore that side now. Perhaps your strength was what kept you there as long as you did. That certainly was the case with the one I have mentioned. A bullying wife and no life for anyone else.
        May you find happiness now that a new road has opened up.x


  2. I finally found mine. I didn’t realise what the dog was chewing on, wasn’t a couple of old tennis balls 🙂 Actually, truth be known, I didn’t find mine until she called it quits. Very big growth time for both. They are right, it’s the journey, not the destination 🙂


    1. You know it is so sad how one person can totally mess with another’s personal sense of freedom and individuality. Some people are not happy to take on a partner role. It’s ‘my way or the highway’. Bullying, really. Anyway, glad you found them. Now take good care of them. :)x


  3. Bit of spit and polish and they were fine. It’s been 13 years, wonder what it would be like if I was back in that spot now? Oooh…**shudder,shudder**…that was not a good thing to do!!! 🙂


    1. We do what we think we have to. At the time. And then, as you know, we grow from the experience. I know that no one could have talked various family members out of their decisions even though some tried. And, to onlookers, what was obvious about the exes was screaming at us. But it passes. New life, New hope, New dreams.x


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