You know the type.


Loves to screw your brain.

Messes your mind any way they can find,

Is hurtful and cruel.

Then does it all over again.


It might be an ex or a current,

It could be a female

Or male,

It should be someone

You best, or ignore,

Then their mindfuck might fail.


It could be a boss

Or a neighbour,

A colleague who won’t give you rest.

Or kids in the ‘hood

Who just won’t be good.

Think what to do for the best.


It could be someone in your family

With an ex

Who’s really a prat.

Help make them see that his dick’s really wee,

Then you can both

Laugh about that.


It could be a friend

Who’s no friend at all,

Delights in bringing you down,

Dump them.

No one needs that crap,

A ‘friend’ who makes you feel like a clown.


Whoever they are

Remember your mind

Is yours, not a fairground pot luck.

Demand they desist,

Ignore if you wish

Or tell them you’re having no truck…


Ah, you thought that last line

Just had to rhyme

With ‘luck’ and a word I’ve used before.

Ok, then, we’ll say it again.

No mindfucking here.

Close that door.


My banter is intended as humour

But the message is one

To heed.

No one, not any, known past or in present,

Has the right to

Mess with your heid!


It could be someone

Whose words are no fun

Or actions are designed to convey

Ridicule, stress

Sadistic duress.

Don’t engage then they cannot play.


It might be yourself

Who’s the culprit,

Battering away at your brain.

Ego destroyed,

Validity void

Stop it! Don’t do it again.


A flower with filaments tender,

Seeking to bloom

Where it can,

Nurture your mind,

Stuff others who find

Pleasure in ruining elan.


Give what is due

But whatever you do,

Keep your mind well intact.

Those who insist

On taking the piss

Should know a couple of facts.


Spirit of self is a wonder


A blessing two-fold,

But fucked with for fun

Is just not on.

Resist, persist, be bold.


It could be the politicians

Obvious I know,

That’s their art,

Assisted by media

And spin ,they begin

To screw your head and your heart.


Don’t fuck with my mind, you moron!

My head is my own!

Try that cheer.

Say it again till they believe it.

And then

Say it again, so you hear.

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32 thoughts on “Mindfuckery”

  1. Wow… Potty mouth!
    Lol! Funny as Hell!
    It was supposed to be funny… Right?

    If not, then I seen the tortured soul of the writer trying to come to grips with betrayal and misfortune while clinging as a bloody vine to the castle walls that contain her sanity!


    1. I’d love to lay claim to the term. But I can’t. 😦 Just so happens it’s a very apt way to describe brain messers. A bit of fun and a whole lot in earnest. It doesn’t have to be my tortured soul though. I can tune into others’. It’s a gift! ;)x


  2. Ahahahaha, you made me laugh out loud just before leaving for my Sunday shift…I should tape this at work, on my back, on my car (road rage)…love love love and love the message of 11th stanza (A flower with filaments tender,

    Seeking to bloom

    Where it can,

    Nurture your mind,
    Said like a true mom and amazing teacher, hugs my Scottish friend:) xx


  3. Yes!!! You’re brilliant! I love this: “Spirit of self is a wonder


    A blessing two-fold,”

    True, and so much happiness can spread when everyone finds it and protects their own!!!

    Lovely and funny, did I already say brilliant?


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