Only Today

For Kerry. It’s always worth it.


Shared understanding,

Only today, your

Liquefied reflections poured forth.


Meanderings. musings,

Only today, may

Prove just some of your worth.


One single spark,

Only today, ignites and

Kindles a flame,


Darkest of night,

only today, may be enlightened

By words you proclaim


Blessed perceptions,

Only today, bearing

Your flint and your steel,


May fire one heart,

Only today, for

Someone who knows you are real.


 Tomorrow will dawn,

Today will go on

And writing will still play its part.


Posting and working,

Reflecting , supporting,

Loving with all of your heart.


Nothing surreal,

In words that may heal,

Fellowship known from afar.


You may never know it,

Today may not show it

But follow your bright shining star. 





14 thoughts on “Only Today”

  1. Discard or edit this or even put it out there on a post: This is in our main Newspaper, The Telegraph in Australia today: “Scotland could become an independent country on March 24, 2016 if voters back leaving the UK in next years referendum.
    The date is included in the Scottish governments white paper, described as a ‘blue print’ for independence, which will be published on Tuesday.
    Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it would be the document that drives the independence debate , providing the positive case for a vote in favour of independence. ”

    Um, you planning a Coup d’état? Decided enough was enough! 🙂


    1. OK, Mark, I’m answering this because it’s doing my head in. Every time I come into my comments pending this one is sitting waiting to haunt me. I thought I would wait until I knew what i was doing, what my decision was. But, seriously, I have not yet made up my mind for various reasons. When I do I will let you know for sure. Kinda just me. 😉 But pending mail does my head in. Like ignoring stuff I ought to be attending to. This, at least, is a beginning. And stops you lurking about my pending box. Lol.’Cos it’s scary in a kinda, ‘Come on, woman, make your mind up!’ kinda way. By answering this I am free! To speculate and ruminate at my leisure. 😉 x


      1. But don’t forget, because it is important to you, to take your time and truly understand the implications of what the change may mean. Independence has a great ring to it…but it still comes down to just what the people are hoping to achieve. I’ve seen great ideas stolen/manipulated to suit other agenda’s AFTER the hard work was done to obtain some great ideal. I find as long as the decision making is still given to the people, for the people, it still has some semblance of sanity. But if the major mechanism’s of the power structure of government get changed in the process…ask yourself why…it usually means someone wants more power to suit themselves, not others.
        You might make a great politician mommus 🙂 …a real one I mean, one that actually does represent the people and not some manipulating greed that is being allowed to be part of the system so that the politician can make some monetary or personal advantage of it.
        I have to admit, it’s not an easy thing to absorb because we don’t normally play around with this type of ‘contract’, of which it is. You nearly have to get a lawyer to understand it. And by rights, there should at least be public debate (on TV) and in the papers so that some type of understanding can be obtained from it for the everyday citizen. Good luck! 🙂


      2. I daresay public debate will arise before the time of voting. Always a great opportunity for sound bite.
        i would sooner chew my foot off without anaesthetic than become involved in what politics is perceived to be. If, as i believe, it was meant to be something that truly represented the ideals of people as a collective consciousness we might be able to go somewhere.
        I am less concerned with national identity than I am with shared identity through common experience.
        We cannot be so different that nationalities have to differentiate the human experience and yet we still go there. Having said all that, I feel Scottish. I am Scottish. I recognise the difference in being Scottish than another nationality. I just don’t know whether that is enough of a difference to create distance where we should be seeking to narrow the gulf. I genuinely do not know. I will think more on the subject and I will pray for what is best to guide my mind. That’s about all I can say at the moment. 😉 x


      3. Maybe a bit too outspoken at times, Mark. But I will reflect on all the permutations of this possible change. I have some ideas of how it might work but I don’t see or hear anyone offering them up as a possibility and that worries me a bit. And I really don’t trust the main party involved. Some people, like my sister, are saying ‘never mind the messenger…hear the message…’. And I can relate to that. But I’m not committing as yet. 😉 x


  2. Wow, thank you. This is a very moving and inspiring poem…so true, words are powerful and should never be underestimated. Thank you for the dedication, it really means a lot. xo


  3. Absolutely beautiful sis! I really loved this. xx No, never stop writing. I am in awe of my big sis!!! xxx


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