Eyes Locked

Ask me if,

In fantasy,

I find

Some grateful


Go on.

I’m still waiting……

OK, I’ll tell you,

A secret

I am living.


When cares of day



And bills

Are mounting high,

I close my eyes

And recollect

When there was

Just we two.

And sigh…


For all the days

When loving


In sensuous

Of wonder,

When clothes were torn

And eyes

Locked, fixed,

And hands grew

To push asunder



Closet thoughts,

Portraits of



Where neither


What was entailed

In loving

And in living,


Where meekest souls,

Naïve in ways,

Fuelled future,

Died, emerged,


Ending days

In loving arms.

Ecstasy in reality,


Felt forlorn


Go on, now,

I’m asking you,

Tell me,

What would

Your pleasure be?

To stray or fix

Your eyes on one

Who has loved

And still

Loves today?


I’m sure there are some fantasies

I ought to put aside,

To free my mind from imagery

I keep down deep inside,

But sharing them, in actions,

All for the one I love,

I feel this is a gift I’m given,

Imagination from above.

20 thoughts on “Eyes Locked”

  1. This is one to ponder and think about. You truly do have a gift and all our gifts do come from above. It was lovely visiting with your yesterday, Scottie. I pray you are having a grand day. I just went for a walk wrapped in my Scottish scarf and gloves and stayed oh so toasty warm in them. If I were to dream today it would be of Scotland I expect. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


    1. Ach, I’m just thinking through life and all that. A cosy scarf and gloves for a leisurely walk sounds lovely. Too late here now. Almost time to sleep.
      I enjoyed our chat too. I am thrilled to meet so many lovely people through this site. I still can’t believe my luck in finding so many kindred spirits. Courtesy of my brother who got me started. Blessings to you too, Natalie.x


      1. I’ve been a ponderin’ life a bit myself today. It was a nice walk and my old aching bones needed to get my circulation going. I too am loving all the people I’m meeting through my blog too. And yes, it’s great to find kindred spirits all over the world. Makes the world seem smaller and more friendly. I was almost beside myself when I finally connected with you my new Scottish friend. I’d been hoping to find a kindred spirit there ever since we visited last June. I read the other day that scientists now believe that registered in our DNA are the places where our ancestors lived, and I know that on both sides of my family mine came from England, but I’d be willing to bet the some of theirs came from Scotland. I’ve felt that for some time and when I stepped off that train in Scotland, I became certain of it. Well, here I go rambling on again. I pray you rest well tonight. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


      2. Och, you’re not rambling. You’re lovely. I know that I feel part of some huge global family. And yet small and cosy. I know our words reach beyond here but it never feels that way. I always feel I am chatting over a cuppa and watching life from my back door. looking at things, chatting with my mum or family, pondering life. It’s all good. It’s life.
        God bless you, Natalie. new friends are always a blessing.x


      3. That’s such a nice way to look at it. My first follower was a young man in South Africa and I’m just amazed that my words somehow found their way down their to him. It is definitely all good. The first thing I do every morning is come out here to my studio and see who’s left me a comment. Now that I’m retired, I don’t miss the work, but I do miss the daily contact with my friends. May God bless you and yours too, Scottie! You are definitely a lovely blessing in my life too. Natalie 🙂


      4. That’s why I wrote the poem about ‘Only Today’. We really have no idea how much we may influence each other. And connections are such a lovely way to better understand others across the world.x


  2. Incredibly thought-provoking sis…..our brother was so right in setting up a blogging account for you…..so proud of you. Love you to infinity and beyond. xxx


    1. Right back at you. I’ve already thanked him. If I say it again he’ll be unbearable to live with according to his youngest. 😉 But, I too am glad of his faith. Or maybe it was just so’s I’d stop talking to/at him. Lol. ;)x


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