The Climb

Tremulous and wary,

Scarred outcrops, hands do meet,

Risking all for summit,

Chasms at my feet.


Wending way through mire,

Sunken souls abound,

Treading carefully, unknown

Pathways to be found.


Clambering to mountain top,

Paths trod by others past,

Obliterated passage,

Take care and hold on fast.


On hands and knees to grip the way,

Rising then to greet

Peak among the clouds on high,

Accomplishment so sweet.


Faster than ascent of this,

Descent knows clearer rite,

Sliding swiftly, gloriously,

Abandoned safety flight.


Ascent’s a scary business,

Risking life and limb

But touching heaven’s foothills

Makes for worthy aim.


I said I’d never tackle

Such a one again,

Elevated trial,

Encountering so much pain.


New challenges arise and then

I don my hiking gear,

Embark on death-defying quest,

Inside my heart I cheer


At opposition clearly met,

In honest self-endeavour,

Braver than ignoring them,

Is trying with some fervour.


Sometimes we may not see the crest,

Shrouded so in cloud,

But effort and endurance

May make ourselves feel proud.


Some hardy togs, a hiking staff

And heart of sterner stuff,

Battling on, in adversity,

Often is enough.


24 thoughts on “The Climb”

  1. I absolutely love this sis….gives new meaning to my own uphill struggle….though thankfully I think I’m very near the top now!! Woohoo!! Love you. xxx


  2. Okay, I vascillated between thinking this was an actual mountain climb or a metaphorical emotional or spiritual climb. But the great thing is it works for both. I loved the way the tension mounts as you climb. Lovely one, Scottie. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


    1. There was such an actual climb a few years back and I found it challenging in all the ways you describe. It left quite an impact on me. The actual poem is meant to be on all those fronts. Facing one we can face them all. Thank you for reading, Natalie and your lovely comments. 🙂 x


      1. Hi, missy! You are up very early! I’m so glad I figured out the message in your post. It definitely could apply to both kinds of climbs. Life is like that. Good to hear from you. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


    1. It was definitely a bit of a one off for me. But, after it was finished, I did feel amazing that I had done it. And it gave me loads to reflect on both during and afterwards. Don’t know that I would choose to do it again though. ;)x


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