Sleep. Arise.

Haiku x  5 . Daily Post Challenge


Conscious mind desists,

Over at last, diminished

Light, a flick of wrist.


Sleep softly at last,

Angelic wings fan fever,

Calmness comforts soul.


Portents of future

Glimpsed in dreamlike journeying,

Recalled in waking.


Funnelled coloured light,

Filtered through stained, rainbow glass,

Brighter hued delight.


Authorship of mind,

Penned for public perusal,

Co-owned thoughts outlined.


24 thoughts on “Sleep. Arise.”

    1. I only decided yesterday to do it so you’ve maybe been in and out without my name even being there yet. I actually quite enjoyed doing them. Even though short is not my forte! :)x


    1. Oh, I know. Some of the best sermons or talks I’ve ever heard have been when the speaker spoke up, shut up and sat down. Still got the point across. I might have to try a few more haikus and see if I can teach myself brevity. :)x


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