One More Moment

One more day,

Is my request,

To laugh and talk and cry

At life and all its wonders,


By you and I.


One more hour,

I would accept,

If life could happen twice,

To share a cup of tea or three,

Some biscuits

And advice.


One more minute,

I would take,

To hug and hold you tight

Knowing that, inevitably,

You’d be too soon gone,

Travelling through the night.


One more second,

For a smile

To light your lovely face.

Just one more,

Then I’d let you go

Back to your life of grace.


But every day in mind

You are

Just a thought away,

Remembered always,


From birth until all days.


27 thoughts on “One More Moment”

  1. how Beautiful is your thoughts of one more day…
    a sadness entwined with remembering
    sending you a hug….
    Take Care….You Matter…


    1. I should be fine now. It always starts just before November. My mum’s always in mind at different points but in quite a cheery, fond way. Then come November I start to feel really sad about her and the loss. By the time I reach her anniversary on St. Andrew’s Day, I’m kind of back to normal thinking about her. Still miss her though. She was some woman. :)x


      1. (hugs) of course you miss her darling and you will, but I am so glad that your memories are now in a cheery way ~ time/life/ageing …sucks and I know I will face this too, sooner than I care to admit 😦 xxx


      2. Been there, Jen. No one expects you to be an angel. That’s why we have their help. 😉 I could’ve screamed sometimes. But I didn’t. I cried a lot in frustration. And poured my heart out to my husband and older kids. They helped me through it when she was at her worst. They were there in the house with me and mum and helped in her care. But it was never going to be easy. I still don’t regret it though. Love over rules patience any day of the week. Ask my kids! I might lose it now and again. But they still know I love them. And your mum knows too. Hugs.x


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