Santa’s Little Shopper

In quieter moments, calm descends and peace prevails.

Time slows down, actions terminate and silence hails.

A blessing on an eve of pleasant pastimes,

Moments stretch and fill, a sweeter lifeline

To all the busy days that lie ahead,

Reposed, reclining now upon my bed.


December’s come and Christmas days are looming,

Excitement builds in kids, their faces blooming.

Activity so manic, all things pending,

Trees and decorations, all that spending

Time in frantic towns, in busy stores.

I’m really not excited yet. It bores.


To think of shopping really is no pleasure,

I’m gonna cheat and really will endeavour

To buy the pressies all upon the ‘net.

I hope I can achieve my aim. And yet,

There is a little frisson of a thrill

To join the hub. I maybe will.


But only for a day or two near Christmas.

Until then I’ll shop online and bypass

All the feet and sweating bods and trains.

I’m good at panic shopping! That’s my aim.

Achieve so many stockings full of wonder

But do it from my bed, no fear of blunder.


It’s not Bah! Humbug! to avoid

All the bizz and too much hectic noise.

I just prefer a calmer sort of retail

Where I can browse online and never fail

To buy the stuff. I have to make a list.

I’ll even check it twice in case Santa’s missed


Any sort of person that needs giving.

With kids, so many friends all need serving.

A token for the neighbours, this as well.

I’d really better start. Oh, bloody hell!

I do this every year. It’s how I am.

I wait and then I rush and try to jam


A month of work into a couple of days.

You’d think by now I’d learn that planning pays.

But no, it’s true, I never can be arsed

To start Christmas any earlier. What a farce

I feel it is to bring it so far forward.

I’ll get there just the same. You mark my words.


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21 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Shopper”

  1. absolutely perfect “Tis the Season” thoughts!
    I love this….!
    as I contemplate what I am going to do for the season that is gathering speed
    and almost here upon us …
    Take Care…You Matter….


      1. we have 23 more days ? LOLs…
        I do best when I procrastinate and have last minute pressure to finish !
        Hope you had a good weekend…and a great week ahead


      2. I’m a last-minute-work-under-pressure girl too. Makes for some excitement. really pisses people off though. 🙂
        I’ve had a grand weekend. Not many weeks of work left till the holidays. And it’s all Christmas shows and stuff from here on in. Oh joy. :)x


  2. I was going along nicely till you reminded me! I was wondering why the car parks were getting a bit full. I suppose I should have realised when my mate started to grow this humungus big silvery beard, with a crop of hair to match. Poor bugger, all the kids keep asking their mum’s…’is that him mum, is that Santa!’. And you know what he does back to them, he say’s to their mum’s…’have they been playing up!’. The look of terror on their faces is atrocious…and he laughs to himself knowing they will try to make up for it in the next 20 days! Christmas is getting so commercialised that the whole concept is lost. Lovely poem ‘Bardess’, I may take your advice and slink around the ‘net’ and find my bits and pieces for those I have in my heart. Um, what would you like for Christmas lovely lady? A Paris hat, a spot for two dining at the Hilton or maybe just a leisurely week away in the Maldives to shun the winter blues? Put it out there, you never know what some silvery bearded bloke might offer you! 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t have reminded anyone. Except my kids were nipping my ear today to put the tree up. I was horrified. On the 1st of December! Then they started asking if I’d started buying any presents. Like because the month has switched there’s no time left. I don’t know why they’re worried. I do it all the time. For everything. I’m a great one for last minute pressure to get me motivated. Then everything is achieved in plenty of time. I’ve always been like that. All night sessions to finish college assignments when I was a youngster.
      So they’ll just have to persevere with my diddling about till I get in the mood. 🙂
      Is your pal gonna get a gig as a Santa for the season? Sounds like he could do it no bother. I quite like the idea of him scaring the kids. In a nice way of course!
      As for me. I’m terrible. My eldest has nearly finished her Christmas shopping. Doesn’t take after her mum in that. She keeps asking what I want. But I never really know. I don’t really mind what I get. But that pisses them off a bit. ‘Cos then they feel stumped for ideas. So I try to come up with something. Nothing terribly original though. You know, like, get me perfume, or chocolates, or flowers, or something. Anything. I don’t mind. Not much help to them at all. I really don’t mind. As long as I get something!
      But the Maldives sounds pretty cool. or the Hilton. I don’t do hats. Hate anything on my head.
      Last year hubby surprised me with a few nights at a spa for me and my best mate. I got to go after New Year before returning to school. It was amazing. Here, I might ask for that! :)x


  3. Ahh the Christmas verses are springing to life. I am like you – leave most to the last minute, thankfully we now do KK and all of it was done today – phew done and dusted – can’t wait to see what you get! 🙂 x


      1. oops sorry Kris Kringle
        we all set an amount – then we put all the names in a hat and then everyone sends emails of 3 different things they would like – then that person (who has that name) buys from the list – one present for one person around $80-$100 – soooo much easier..and only adults at the moment, so no little ones to buy for… which I hope will change SOON! 🙂 x


      2. That sounds like a good idea. I might suggest something like that to my older kids. Although I’m probably too late for this year. I’m pretty sure my eldest has about finished. She loves the whole shopping experience! :)x


      3. It s so much easier – believe me – and one can receive a more ‘worthwhile’ pressy with the amount spent being higher than what you would if you had to buy several – give it a go – start a new trend 😉 x


  4. Ha! I adore your stream of consciousness. “I’d really better start. Oh, bloody hell!” Lol…. Love it. And I’m with you on the ordering. I’ve done a couple Christmases that way but then the environmental guilt gets me. It’s just all too much! 🙂


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