Meeting in Senses.

The Waiting. 


Eyes scan the platform, darting here and there, scoping strangers, frantically searching for him. Winter coverings move of their own volition. No face registers awareness. No face searches her soul, for none is he.

The train pulls in at last, new coats alighting, no recognition in the sea of movement. Left and right, garments hurry by, beyond her interest and eyes.

Then she sees him. She knows him. She has always known him. Every coat around disappears and there is only one face…..looking directly at her.


The Meeting. 


Movements speed up while time dwindles to nothing. An endless approach, eyes never leaving eyes. Distance enlarges and diminishes. Keeping two apart. And drawing them closer together.

Without warning, time returns to normal measure. Then launches into overdrive, the two racing towards one another in hurried footsteps that seek to end the waiting.

In seconds, only two exist. One to one. Eyes drink eyes for the briefest of infinite moments, acknowledging the other soul. Hands reach out, hers to touch his face. The kindest face she’s ever known.  He allows this exploration for just some seconds, knowing her need to touch his flesh, to admit the understanding. His hands then reach to clasp her head and draw her to him. He breathes her in, recognising her scent as a long known drug from other years. No more delay. Lips meet. In hunger and knowing. They begin to devour. To consume the other. A taste of honey draws two closer still. Nothing may keep them apart. No sound exists but rushing blood in the ears as circulation escalates to building pressure.

A gasp apart. A wildness in the eyes. The anxious, endless lifetime of waiting is over.


12 thoughts on “Meeting in Senses.”

    1. I’m not sure about it. It’s connected to something I wrote years ago and had a look at again at the weekend. Thinking of maybe working on it. But it feels a bit stale now. Thought I would see what sort of reaction it got. 😉 I don’t know that you can really revisit things. It’s just one of those ones I can’t get out of my head. The opening paragraph is stuck in my brain and I more or less know the whole story. But every time I look at it I get stuck! I’m not quite sure where to go with it. Might leave it for another few years! :)x


      1. There are some very nice parts to it escpecially the one I noted, but it didn’t really flow as well or as eloquently as your posts usually do. I’m certainly no expert and I hope that remark doesn’t hurt your feelings. When that happens to me, I put it aside for a while and then try going back to it. Usually after several edits I can get something decent out of mine. It was lovely to hear from you, Scottie.
        I hope you’ve had a good day. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


      2. I’m gutted! 🙂 No, seriously, it’s good to get feedback. As I said, I don’t really know about revisiting old work. I have reams of the stuff and was sorting through things at the weekend. And some of it is truly cringeworthy! Might just leave it to gather dust in the filing cabinet. 🙂 This one I’m still tempted to pursue but it actually exists more in a different plain. Maybe moving it to earth doesn’t work. I think it flows better before I tampered with it. A more esoteric piece. See, that’s why I keep leaving it and going back to it. It’s probably something beyond my understanding. I keep getting glimpses of how to make it work then ….nope. I’ll see. Thanks for the comments. It is useful to get different perspectives. Not offended in the least. Glad, in fact, that you feel able to say to me. Thank you. Blessings to you too, Natalie. x


    1. There is an awful lot more to it. But I’m not quite sure. As I was saying to Natalie, I have the whole story in mind. It is on the subject of souls and astral travel. It confounds and confuses at times. I work with it and then lose the plot. Literally! I talked it over with my daughter a couple of years ago and the two of us had a great take on where to go with it. But I do get lost in the wanderings. I probably won’t give up on it because the subject of soul connection itself fascinates me. But I’ll have to wait for enlightenment to dawn I think. :)x


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