Soul Connections

Across the distance,


Transmits a message,

Only we,

Tied to other

As a twin,

May understand

And therefore win

The knowing that

No words need speak,

For souls communicate

And seek.

Then distance

Falls apart when one

Lifts the phone

And tells the sum

Total of

What they have heard.

The message relayed

Without a word.

My friendships

Know this strange connection.

Spirits speak,

No greater affection.


27 thoughts on “Soul Connections”

  1. I feel that way, too. You have a gift for using beautiful words to describe things that are common to all of us bloggers. And humans. 🙂


    1. I find it deliciously weird. My best friend and I have had this sort of ‘telepathy’ since we first met over thirty years ago. It’s like a phone ringing in my head! I have it with a few people. Sometimes I even hear them say my name! Then I phone in a bit of a panic, wondering if everything’s OK. They go, ‘ Oh, I was just thinking about you’. Or sometimes something is going on with them that needs an ear. As you say, it is a human experience common to many I’m sure. But it is still a trifle weird when it happens. ;)x


      1. I know when people are hungry before they’ve realized themselves. It’s a weird skill. And sometimes I know when the phone is about to ring and I’m on my way to it, without really thinking about why. Sometimes dreams come true… Never anything crucial like saving a life. All pretty irrelevant, but grand in a spooky way.


      2. It is a bizarre sort of experience but I love it! It reinforces for me the idea that we really don’t know all that the mind is capable of. And maybe not just the mind. x


      3. As far as I could tell from quickly googling, not in many online dictionaries (which admittedly are slanted toward American since we hog the internet).


      4. I suppose that’s the thing about intercontinental communication. We don’t necessarily use exactly the same words. Or we do but they have a different meaning or connotations.
        I commented to someone last night here that ‘I was wasted’ meaning touched. She thought I was pi****! We also use it for that. But it wasn’t what I meant.
        We’ll learn from each other. :)x


      5. Here pissed means angry, and wasted usually implies drugs not just alcohol. So wasted means touched. That’s sweet. I like learning these colloquialisms, they are rich and delicious.


      6. Gawd! No wonder she thought I was weird! ‘Och, I’m wasted’ takes on a whole new meaning if she thought I was out of my face on something. As if I’d tell! 🙂
        It is cool finding new meanings but I’ll have to watch what I’m saying. We all will. :)x


      7. Well, that’s kinda how I operate anyway! 🙂 It could get even more interesting if we deliberately start to use words that can be misconstrued. Fancy a go?! :)x


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