Love Is All


That level of strength could be viewed as a weakness;

Never succumbing a pinch.

That level of pride could be deemed as fruitless;

Never giving an inch.

That much virtue could be perceived by some

As really more of a vice.

So much poker and ramrod straight;

Always thinking thoughts twice.

That much angst belongs with the youngsters;

Idealism for teens and youth.

Sometimes life is just what it is;

That’s the God’s honest truth.

That much hope, you flout and dismiss;

Strange and futilely wrong.

Hope and love spring always eternal;

That’s what it says in the song.

That much hurt needs love to heal it;

Love, unconditional and true.

There’s someone for everyone; believe it or not.

Someone loving for you.

There’s pride and honesty, virtue and worth,

Thoughts that go on for miles.

Then there’s love, just love; that’s eternally truthful.

Remember. And make yourself smile.

My theory is really simplistic;

Bold, with a side of plain.

There is only love and light that’s eternal;

That’s how we ease all our pain.


Thoughts that diminish

Love and then finish

With hearts, broken and sore.

There’s something far wrong

When love seems too strong,

We repel. But still look for more.


Be wary and chary of thoughts that disease,

Determine to flout your desires.

Not all that glitters is made from garish;

Some are treasures. Aspire.


Stop looking for one who is all you desire;

Look for the one that is true.

Look to the north, the south, east or west.

Then look for the one that’s for you.


They may be a stranger with thoughts like your own;

They might even have your own name.

They could be someone that is ready to give

Bountiful love; without seeking fortune or fame.


Some trust is required, some measure of faith.

Some reaching without too much thought.

Hold out your hands, believe what you hear,

Hold on to love; all else is naught.


Reach for the stars,

Recall all you’re worth.

Stop thinking you’re nothing at all.

Give with your heart.

Receive what is offered.

Love before pride. That is all.


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10 thoughts on “Love Is All”

  1. Beautifully written, and the wording touches all angles to perfection. It follows the feelings and angst of just what the heart goes through in those times, but always returns to the heart within. Well done ‘Bardess of Scotland’ 🙂


      1. Ever sit through a sermon and worry you’re blushing because the pastor seems to be speaking about your life or specific situation? That’s how I felt reading this. Muah!


      2. Oh I have had that before. Wondering how he knew! Obviously we share so many common experiences that anyone can pick up on them. But still a bit embarrassing. :)x


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