Fortune’s Fool

I wish I was clairvoyant,

Future I’d unwind.

Or, like Indie, an adventurer,

Then your treasures I would find.

I’d seek them out and polish them

Like gems of greatest worth

And lovingly enfold them

In softest velvet purse.

Every one would be to me

A portent of our times,

Directing cause and so effect,

Reason made from rhymes.

But better yet than Fortune’s fool

I may lay my head upon your chest

While you stroke my hair and whisper words

That ease and give me blessed rest

Till fire aflames from hearts so pure

That angels hear and falter, at

Honesty and gift of love

That fortune may not alter.


20 thoughts on “Fortune’s Fool”

  1. I’m psychic, here’s your future….you are about to have a long holiday, no children, your stress will go away, you will meet a man in a red suit and a white beard, he will shower you with presents, (no, you can’t have an affair!) and you will drink and eat waaaay too much 🙂


      1. To be honest momus, if I was you, I’d be fantasising my head off! You know, end of a very long year and you can feel the break…just there…a couple of more days away. And Hugh would be around somewhere too, to spend a couple of weeks with on a yacht somewhere, lazing about in the sun, white beaches, blue crystal clear waters all around…aah, what more could you want? 🙂


    1. Love the posh accent. There was I just listening to Hugh Jackman talking about his role in Les Mis while I lusted after his voice and accent and a few other bits about him! 😉 x


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