Long Live Caesar! Not!

All hail the fellow most fortunate!

May he lord over us with a smile,

Counting his millions and patting our heads,

Eyes glinting with greed all the while


We man the machines and fire the furnaces

Keeping the cogs oiled and turning.

He plots and connives with those of his ilk,

Such avarice sets my soul churning,


Sick to the stomach and bled from the heart,

Observing the world as it passes

Into confusion and just revolution

Freedom from all of these asses


Who think with their pockets, count up the dockets,

Tally the amount they are due

While ordinary folk are broke and feel choked

Doing all they can do.


Working for life we endeavour and strive

Doing our best to go on.

Corporate greed, mismanaged politics

Whistle a more carefree song


Where notes that are played are all out of tune,

Discordant and the world knows.

Observe the illusion, no more confusion,

Sing change, no more hail, overthrow.


They’ll tax you to hell and then back again

But not for the good of the masses.

They operate on a different plain.

Don’t tell me there’re no more classes.


New royalty sits on the throne of theft,

Theft from the world’s rich resources,

Benefits some while others are struggling

For life and one meal from all courses.


Indictment is due, long overdue

Who kills spirit’s desire?

Who robs from the poor and lines their own mattress?

Who dares this? This gun’s for hire.


No bullets here. No violence as such,

Although I might like the chance

To kick all their arses right into touch.

God, I’d do it and dance!


To force them to see that others, that’s we,

Who live in this world and belong,

Care for each other, all our world’s brothers.

Why can’t they sing a new song?


Where health and well-being and happiness child

Fear not each new day dawning

And wonder at how they might go on

As each night rolls on into morning.


Anonymous voices the whole world over

Are rising to make themselves heard.

There are those who must listen, carefully now,

Listen and heed the word.


All religious systems I know of

Speak and preach about love,

Love for all men, so show it.

We all have to answer above.


If not to your god, your creator

Then to karma or maybe a banker.

Get accounts ready to justify self.

Don’t be caught as a wanker


Pleasuring self, ecstatic illusion

But selfish through to the core.

Give love to others, release their orgasm,

I’ve always found that was more


Fulfilling for all. Such divine death,

To know that life has begun

In unity, fruition, climactic contrition,

That’s the song I want to hear sung.

27 thoughts on “Long Live Caesar! Not!”

  1. woah lady you were on a role with this one – you have my word I won’t be caught as a wanker 🙂 xx Powerful and oh my so true.


    1. A 4a.m. shot! I must be having some dreams these days. Couldn’t get back to sleep until I wrote it down.
      And then just couldn’t get back to sleep. Lol.
      The whole scenario does irk me no end because it is so true. 😉 x


  2. Brilliant work –! Yes, we are way, way, way overdue for some large-scale rebellion.
    You know, a member of the “religious right” here in the USA — who is also elbow-deep in right-wing politics here — was on TV the other day telling people *not* to give money to the homeless because it’s *their fault* they’re homeless due to a lifetime of *bad choices*. And soooo many politicians think he’s “all that and a bag of crisps”. Unbelievable.
    Sorry to rant — [getting off the soap box now] — just wanted you to know how much I love this poem.


    1. It is appalling how manipulative they can be and how utterly callous and heartless. I would never wish homelessness on anyone but part of me wishes that those that make statements like that would find themselves on their uppers and be forced to face a few of the harsher facts of life. I just don’t understand how they can dismiss so many people with trite remarks that know nothing of true circumstances. Meanwhile they carry merrily on their way lording it over anyone who will allow it and being fawned over by sycophantic eejits!
      Thanks for your input. It is good to know that so many people feel the same way. x


      1. You are definitely not alone.
        These people forget that… In the words of Phil Ochs … “There but for fortune go you or I”. The idiot in question was Bill O ‘Reilly – truly a horrible excuse for a human being.


      2. I will check out that name online. I don’t know it. But I like to have an idea of who the eejits are. You never know when you might get the opportunity to punch them or as one of my lovely fellow bloggers says, ‘pimp slap the stupid out of them’! 😉 x


      3. I got it backwards … O’Reilly says Jesus wouldn’t support food stamps; a guy named John Stossel says don’t give money to the homeless. But it’s okay … there’s *plenty* of stupid between the two of them. You’d be slapping for days.

        Check this out … thank goodness for Stephen Colbert … his show keeps me sane.



      4. Drat those computers! They’re so naughty and complex!
        I HATE when I try to view a video and it says “not available in your country”. Sheesh! Another blogger I follow – he’s from Romania – and his videos are quite hit-or-miss. Well, I hope you can find the video in question. Thank goodness for Stephen Colbert –!


      5. I tried Comedy Central but it just directs me to the UK site as the only access point which doesn’t have what you referred to. I’ll just google the guys and get a bit of info on them. 🙂 x


      6. Just finished watching his speech of 2006 to entitled ‘Colbert roasts Bush’ at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I can’t get away with what he’s daring to say! some of the faces are a study listening to him. 🙂 x


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