Flavoursome Friend

Bliss time again,

First coffee!

Gawd, I love it so much!

Nowhere to be on a Sunday morn,

So reading

And a mug of my crutch


To pep up the day before it begins,

All snuggled and sipping in time

To words that I read and some that I write,

A pleasure so simple but fine.


Prep for some comments!

I’m ready to roll

In and out of my favourite blogs.

All calm in here,

Though grey outside,

The weather has gone to the dogs.


Thunder and lightening

Accompanied my dreams,

Flashed in at my window pane,

I woke through the night

With sadness, no fright,

But a heart aching with pain.


All better now, dreams are so strange,

Especially when I can’t recall

What passed through my mind as I lay sleeping.

Maybe that’s wiser for all.


Though heavy the skies,

My heart is renewed

With a cup of the freshest of brew

And time to peruse,

Chat with my muse

And catch up on all of the news.


So cheers little coffee bean!

My days wouldn’t start

Quite so well

If your scent and your flavour

Did not endeavour

To rouse me. It would all go to hell.


Mornings spent trying to awaken.

Giving my old body a shaking,

But no need for that, cos you’re right on hand.

Yes, you my coffee, are grand!


16 thoughts on “Flavoursome Friend”

  1. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm A good cup of Quality Hot Java with the words of good friends close by. There is not much better in this world. I am a coffee addict, and kind of a snob sometimes too. Coffe is to me what fine wine is to many. I savor it. Anyway, It is about time someone gave our little beans the respect they are due. Wonderful poem, in story, content, and theme. Thank you friend.
    Keep Inspiring



    1. I’m not even a snob about it! I think I would eat the beans whole if that was all that was on offer! Just wouldn’t be able to start my day without it. Waking up to its scent is what wakes me up. Hubby is very good at bringing me coffee in bed. Maybe he knows I wouldn’t get up otherwise. 😉 x


      1. LOL me too. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the FREE coffee at work too, But being an avid cyclist(coffee is such a big part of the bicycling culture), and also having had a niece that worked as a barista for a local coffee chain (NOT STARBUCKS thank god) I got kind of spoiled and learned a lot about what I really like and dislike in flavors, aromas, regions, etc.
        Good to know we share the same love for the ALMIGHTY bean!!!!!


      2. No doubt. Have a wonderful day. I appreciate you.

        BTW. The quivering would not be the thought of the caffeine. That would actually be the caffeine itself my friend. LOL. just saying……..



  2. What a lovely Ode to coffee – me hmm I don’t mind my skinny Latte or my Capuchino – but I prefer iced coffee yes in winter too…I know call me crazy. One day at work I was exhausted from not sleeping the night before – they had a coffee machine – the real kinda coffee – I had 7 cups- double strength – that was my first buzzing around the office and bouncing off the walls day to the point I thought I’d throw up! 😉 x


    1. Funnily enough the one I remember sharply being on a total buzz with was years ago. I was working in a disco in Greece and had had a late night the night before so started drinking cafe frappes to wake me up. I had too many and was jittery all night. But kinda nice too. Lol. 🙂 x


      1. Under the covers! Lmao! Whit ye like, missus! I’m still not out of my bed, moved on to the next coffee and now you’ve got me laughing. The image of you with the sheets over your head and hubby snoring away is priceless! I might not need another coffee after this. That’s really wakened me up now. 🙂 🙂 x


      2. Hubby’s just arrived home from a pointless work exercise because it is blowing a gale here. And I’m still in bed. So many blogs to catch up on. And he’s just offered another coffee. 11.50 a.m. and I’m good for another wee while of catch up.
        No spilling it. No chance. Just watch you don’t suffocate! 🙂 x


  3. Ode to the first cup! love it! I share your sentiments except when I wake early, pour my cup, sit down to read or write and my son wakes and yells “mom! mom!” ugh, switch gears, time for snuggles. But, oh, how I love that first cup!


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