Hail Fellow, Well Met

Nothing encapsulates all that I feel.

No words will make emotions more real.

Naught that I say may more thoroughly express

All that’s inside, for which I am blessed.


I could whistle out loud, a champion whistler – it’s true,

But no whistles or words could be heard by you,

Caught as you are in a whorl of earth’s darkest matter,

You hear but don’t listen; thoughts twist, turn and scatter


Into the night where no blue skies are seen,

Ideas and reality, a fruitless dream.

Futility embraced in a cloak of confusion

All hope a fantasy, merely illusion.


I’m wary of others who view all life’s chances

As a fool’s flight of fancy,

To be dismissed as a fairy tale, an epic collusion

Of mind and reality, just a protrusion


Of self in a place where castles feel real.

I’d rather live there than have visions crushed under heel

By those who diminish all hope with a smile,

A patronising nod and a hail, all the while


They laugh inside at my mirth and belief

That only we are, of life, our own tormentor and thief.

I know too many that shrug at all prospects

Doomed into gloom by their limited aspects.


I find it so hard to be at their side,

They vacuum my hope, my beliefs from inside.

So better than dying to internal death,

I leave them to be, although they’re bereft.


I can’t convince by effort alone,

I can’t infuse what they’ve never grown,

That hopes and desires are what make us live.

Each day a blessing, an option to give


One more venture, another gamble with stakes

That enhance possibilities, if risks we will take.

I’m gambling on life and all joys it proffers.

If you must, stay without. But don’t scoff at my nerve


That jumps like a jockey on a thoroughbred of great worth,

Leaping at fences and hazards that birth

New opportunities, aspirations to beget.

I’m sorry for you. Hail fellow, well met.

40 thoughts on “Hail Fellow, Well Met”

    1. Not at all. I’m a real solutions gal! I find a problem, I search for a solution and I keep on searching. Really stubborn! But I am surrounded by too many people who see problems everywhere and think that’s it. Always looking for them, you know? Does my head in. Problems are meant to be solved not magnified.
      Have you any idea how draining it is to be with negative people?! 😉 x


      1. Oh yeah! That is a occupational hazard with my work. But, I found the answer, my very negative ex used to really get up my nose big time. And since spirit showed me what unconditional love is…it doesn’t bother me at all now…and…it drives her up the wall because it doesn’t (if I’d known that a long time ago I could have really got my own back….but….alas, unconditional love doesn’t allow that!) 🙂


      2. I was reading a fab article that I reblogged about DNA and some discoveries Russian scientists have made. It goes on to talk about the collective consciousness and the changes people can create through thought. I do believe that our frame of mind and perspective colours so much of what is possible. Therefore encountering people whose negativity drains that is hard to swallow. Unconditional love sucks sometimes, eh?! 😉 x


      3. I read that, great article. And NO, it doesn’t suck because none of it bothers me any more…it’s fantastic…:) And yes, I have this silly grin on my face all the time because all of life is there for a reason, I see it, I understand it and no longer feel the need to let it affect me. All judgement goes and in doing so I’m not allowing the ‘negativity’ to control me, my emotions or my life. I control everything now…by letting it go. You have to read my ‘The Love’ and ‘The Reverse’ to understand it a bit better. Life can still throw me a wobbly, and it does affect me sometimes, but that is always because I have an expectation in there somewhere and I need to learn something. Like Sandra Bullock not returning my love. Why would she not want to love ME… 🙂


      4. I have no idea why Sandra Bullock would not love you……not very congenial of her…..sorry..;)

        See, I think that’s a big part of it…the judgement thing….people always want to judge other people….when really it’s the reasons behind things that are the fascinating bits. All the little quirks of life that make it interesting and fun. I do like analysing that stuff sometimes. The whys and the wherefores. Not really for answers just cos it’s so mind-boggling. 🙂 x


      5. lol. That’s funny…and what we should share more of. Thank you.
        When I began to see inside my, and others, actions it was incredible to see the perfection in what was being shown, and with great love, even though it appeared to be so painful. I could no longer judge anything because it was all being done with love, for them, in it’s own way so that they could understand. To me at first it seemed the wrong thing to do, but because of their journey and how they were taught, it needed to be done in that way for them to realise that understanding even though to others it seemed wrong. The end result was always with love, to achieve that beauty of unconditional love. I know that sounds like just another throw away line but once seen, never forgotten. It IS there, just waiting within, until we are ready. Everything I’ve done so far leads to that one truth. And the most amazing thing I have understood is, of the billions on earth, they are all leading to that truth. The murderer, the king, the housewife and even the politician are all coming to that one place. Following their truth and none are wrong. I was totally gobsmacked when I understood. I felt so amazed because of the enormity of it. And just as the creation of your words are a part of that beauty. They convey much thought, power and love for the truth and understanding that they express. Just by being you. Write on Bardess, for you are a giver of life by all that you do. May your pen always follow that truth within. Namaste


      6. Sorry, I’m half laughing here at the, ‘ murderer, the king, the housewife and EVEN the politician’. I’m sure there must be truth in that. I will have to stop judging politicians. …..Nope, sorry, I’ve tried…..;)
        I probably should let off them but if we do they’ll just keep going right on at it. I do trust that we must all be travelling towards a universal truth. But sometimes we’ve got to get a kick in the jacksey to remind us of the path. I know I need one more than I care to admit.
        Thank you for saying such lovely things about my writing. It means such a lot that it touches you. So positive in your comments. Thank you. Namaste. x


      7. Oh, I understand…politicians are a breed of their own…but just imagine THEIR climb back up out of the pit to their truth! I shouldn’t say that…as we all find our journey’s to be full of fears…but they do give us a focus on something eh! Maybe that’s their purpose, to bind us all in our lower energies of loathing and anger at all that they do, so that when we understand we can then forgive them and ourselves. Ok, it will be a cold day in hell when we forgive them….but in truth, we will 🙂

        Write on momus, let your words of wisdom join us on our path, and at the least, bring us smiles to endure the journey with happiness in our hearts! 🙂


      8. I’m breathing deeply…..and letting internal animosity go….for now…..
        United against corruption, yup, I can live with that. Not letting the negativity get to me. Truth seeker always. 🙂
        Thank you for your lovely words, Mark, so full of affirmation and warm the cockles. 🙂 x That’s not rude btw just in case there’s anything lost in translation here. 🙂


  1. I think your 7th stanza says it all ~ there are those that can suck the life out of you with their negativity – well done sunshine 🙂 x


      1. I sound like Pollyanna. Lol 🙂 It’s not really whinging that gets me…Well, it does, but it’s more people constantly dissing things, seeing problems where there are answers. I just feel there’s almost always a solution. Maybe I’m Pollyanna’s cousin or something. 😉 x


      2. I did very well online on Saturday! I was shattered at the end of it! Gawd knows what Id have been like if I’d had to face the shops. 😉 Two daughters came back rigged for Christmas, one with a rather stunning dress that she then wore to a party that night. But she got jeans while she was at it and a top and a candle! Thank goodness for cheap and cheerful. Other daughter got some stuff too but was more delighted that her big sis had taken her for lunch and a hot chocolate…..that she managed to get all over her sleeve and must have wandered about the rest of the day not knowing she looked as if she’d wiped her a*** with her jumper!;) They’re good to themselves when they get the chance. Lol. Still more to do, of course, so many people! Think KK is looking good for next year, though it might cause ructions with some. The Christmas tree is up. That turned out to be yesterday’s job for the kids and they did a grand job. So not bad at all. Just this week left at school, Christmas shows and parties galore, staff night out for me on Friday and then the run-up to the day. Lots of visitors and lots of cooking. Lots of wine will be necessary. Still to order that. 🙂 What about you? Did you get your tree up? 🙂 x


      3. Goodness alot has been accomplished – my answer short and sweet I’m afraid – erm nope – but I did whack a few ceramic Santa’s and chrissy things on the coffee table and cabinet in the lounge room. 🙂 We have at my sister-in-laws this year – her turn. I do the entree, someone else the sweets and her the mains, spreading the load out is a necessity. Glad your girls got decked out 😉 x Oh wine..yes there will be lots of wine!


      4. I always have Christmas here. Too many to descend on folk! But I then get the partners and my sister and her family on Boxing Day. And whoever else of the rest of my rather large extended family pop in. I do a marathon cook Christmas Eve and have most stuff ready so’s it’s only short bursts of cooking after that. Someone brings dessert, cheese, crackers, liquers etc. I don’t mind the cooking so it’s all good.
        Feeling quite hungry now!
        My mum invested in a fibre optic tree that she used to plonk on a table. She was never at her own place for Christmas and New Year so she never felt there was any point in going daft with decorations once she was on her own. She’d done all that with us.
        We don’t go mad with decorations. Mainly the tree and some other bits and pieces in the house.
        A number of people here are now doing the whole lighting up the garden with reindeer and snowmen falling over each other. My kids love driving round to see them! Quite a display. I couldn’t be arsed with that! 🙂 x


  2. I know – it’s many hours to put up and then take down again! – Goodness I don;t know how you cope I’m stressing about the entree for 15! Don’t think I can do the fibre optic one – mum and Pop do those, but the rate I’m going it won’t be long. I have something on my front door and what I have put up that will do this year – when it’s my turn next year the tree will be up!!!!! 🙂 x


    1. I’ve always kinda done it so it’s fine. Something of a tradition now. I think cos I invariably had my mum here the rest of the gang descended. I usually do a buffet too so the kids can come and go as they please and the adults can sit about and sip and chat. It’s actually fairly relaxed once I’ve done all the cooking. Must admit though I prefer Boxing Day. It’s so chilled then. Christmas Day itself is something of a rush between opening presents and church and setting up.
      I’m just waiting now until my gang all have their own places and can start having us for Christmas. Then I’ll take along whatever and play granny when that eventually happens. Lol. 🙂 x


      1. hang on you have done all the cooking already??
        Buffet style is wonderful – just get up help yourself throughout the day. Boxing Day totally agree, far more relaxing and the food seems to taste better also!
        I have one daughter in her own place – but it’s too small to fit us all in – they are planing on selling in Feb to buy bigger. 🙂 Yes I am busting to play Granny when it happens – Christmas is for the kids 🙂 xx


      2. Gawd no, I haven’t started cooking. Way too early. Christmas Eve is when that happens. Nearly gave me a seizure there. 🙂
        The buffet works for the kids cos they don’t want to sit at peace. They usually go play with whatever is new with their cousins and we big grown ups get to relax without them! Quite looking forward to it now.
        You’re putting me in the mood. 🙂 x


      3. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – everyone sing! 🙂
        sorry thought you said you had done your cooking – I thought unless you are freezing everything a tad early! x


      4. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..yeah, I can go with that one. I’ll sing it all day likely but that seems like a cheery one to go with.

        Freezing, no. I’m not that organized. Anyway I’d have to defrost it all and that’s a pain.
        No, delivery on 22nd set up. 23rd and 24 cooking, prepping. Quaffing! 😉 x


      5. ok great I am hungry and you have just tipped me over the edge 😦
        I am the same – I panic though and stress but I accomplish a great deal more somehow – it’s just everyone out of my way! 🙂 x


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