One Single Tear

one single tear escapes and wends

its way slowly down from eye to cheek,

to wake in night unknowing what

has made me weep

one single tear

yet despair and grief are cloistered in,

suffusing, spreading still from soul out

to my pen.

one single tear wiped so easily,

no more to follow suit, but wonderment

that all I feel shed only

one single tear.


8 thoughts on “One Single Tear”

    1. I did very well, actually. 🙂 Grocery shopping all done. I will probably go in and tweak it before delivery on 22nd. But that was a biggy. Ordered various other pressies, one of which won’t be delivered until 24th!
      I have no idea what I was dreaming about. Just woke up with a wee tear and a big sadness.
      I feel fine now. It was just odd. Not the first time probably but the first time I’ve had a pen to hand. 😉 x


  1. Interesting. I put more stock into dreams than I probably should but I’d totally be examining that if it were me; not saying I recommend you do that. Haha. Glad you’re feeling good otherwise. Xo


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