Fairy Wishes

A fairy in my dreams asked me

Had all my dreams come true.

I looked at her and thought a bit

Then said, as I here I do.


‘A lot of what I longed for

I have already here,

My family and love around,

A cup of greatest cheer.


The other dreams are in my hands,

I hold them carefully,

I treasure them and nourish them

And then I set them free.


If dreams they are to be fulfilled

I have to open hands,

Not so I may drop them

But so they can search the lands


That I may have to wander,

The plans I have to make,

The effort that I’ll put in place

So these dreams may not prove fake.’


She asked me then and offered

Three wishes I would crave,

I thought some more then smiled at her

And answer thus I gave.


‘Three would never satisfy

All I hold inside

And most of what I ask for self

Is really for my pride.


If three there are then let me ask

For what I already see,

The health of all my family,

That’s enough for me.


The second one I pass along

To others for the same,

Renewal in body, spirit, mind.

Then they can play this game


‘And what of number three?’ she said,

‘Now think on carefully.’

‘I would wish that others knew, believed,

They’re the change they have to be.’


26 thoughts on “Fairy Wishes”

      1. I’ll see what I can do. I have a feeling that if I advertise her presence there might be a queue. I have an angel on the way too though so she might be up to more. 😉 x


  1. Another one for the book I see! Beautifully written momus, that really was lovely and heartfelt 🙂

    I have a nice friend who is into e-books. I think she is going to do a ‘how to’ for e-books. It may be just what is needed…soon 🙂 Better start putting together the ‘good’ ones. Mmm, now that could get difficult….so many! 🙂


  2. If only everyone would accept that as a truth! Would eliminate a lot of excuse making and create accountability, but then again some people can’t handle that. Beautiful poem/story. Xo


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