Tell Me About It

A plough drags stars across firmament’s field,

Occasionally drops one, so Heaven may yield

A soul on the earth that once lit up the night,

Now cascades brightness and life-giving light.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How earth meets the heavens and wonder portrays.

Tell me about it in songs that you sing,

In stories once written to entertain kings,

In poems and in quotes that entertain all.

Tell me about it, these words so enthral.


A trawler drags nets through oceans and seas,

Harnesses life from the depths to release

A multitude of dreams and millions of wishes

Of a world where mermaids live, conversing with fishes.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How minds mingle with folklore and nights become days.

Tell me about it in pictures and books,

In animations and films I once mistook

As reality melded with poetic allusion.

Tell me about it, wondrous dreams of confusion.


A jet drags clouds from Olympus’ peak,

Reveals gods and goddesses playing chess and who speak

To a world of mere pawns in a royal array,

Defending battles that rage, all part of the play.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How heaven, earth and oceans intermingle in plays.

Tell me about it, the comic and sad,

Tragedies and fantasies, some semblance of mad

Influence from lunar, the tricks of the mind.

Tell me about it, we’ll seek and we’ll find.


 Garner your dreams, let spirit drag

Through mind, soul and ether, all memories you’ve had.

Mix the concoction as a magical potion,

Spread it on thickly, full of flighty emotion.


Tell me about it, I love all that stuff.

Of flight, love and fantasy, never enough.

Tell me about it, imagination unfold,

In mind and in spirit may we never grow old

Though in body we rest as the years take their toll.

Tell me about it. Dreams are our goal.


12 thoughts on “Tell Me About It”

  1. Oh yeah! The things that I get shown in my dreams. It’s all magic, the things we think real, are the most magic of all. Beautiful share momus, this book is going to be loaded 🙂


    1. Dreams are amazing. Moreso sometimes when it’s only a glimpse of them we can remember. Then we can make up the rest of it. 🙂 I’m getting nervous about this book. I think I’ll send it to you to edit. 😉 x


      1. lol. It’s very simple this book, there is no need to be nervous, just pick the top 100 that have had oodles of comments. Mind you, that is probably most of them 🙂
        And I know a lovely lady who has just got herself into doing e-books with Amazon and would have lots of experience in the process. I’m trying to convince her to write an e-book that she was thinking about doing on the do’s and don’ts of that type of publishing. You probably know her, a fellow English lass Julie Farrell at

        Speaking of dreams, yesterday morning just as I woke up, spirit quickly pushed the name (Chris) and the looks (blonde hair) of a lady at me. But nothing else. So as the day progressed I went to give some help to a friend (Anne, my Bowen Instructor, & I made her Web Site with another friend, Kate) and as I was speaking to them both about what spirit had passed on to me, Anne’s phone rang and a lady named Chris wanted to see her for a Bowen Therapy session. Anne looked at me and said, ‘this will be interesting’. The lady turned up (and had lovely blonde hair), we were all introduced and Anne asked Chris would she mind If I came in for the healing as I am a Massage, Bowen and Reiki Therapist, and she said that would be great. We went through the assessment and decided that I would do my healing first, followed by Anne. The energy of this lovely lady was amazing and the treatment went very well with a quite distinct interaction on an energy level.
        I’m still a little shocked by the intensity of those things spirit passed on but it sure was a very interesting experience for us all. I think I may be ‘running into’ this lady again or maybe it was just to do that healing. Either way it was amazing. Namaste


      2. You must have had my head spinning last night with this story. I love when things like that happen. I can think of any number of occasions when ‘coincidences’ happen that simply cannot be. I think you will be running into this lady again. It all seems too ‘coincidental’ otherwise. Anyway, it got me thinking. Another poem followed. I’ll need to give you credit for sparking my imagination. 🙂 x


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