No Coincidences

Serendipity, synchronicity,

Call it what you will.

When stars collide in heavens,

Halt and feel the chill.

It happens for a reason,

I’m pretty sure of this.

Like meeting for the first time,

Sharing that first kiss.

The strangest interaction,

When life blows you clean away

And all that once seemed normal

Now holds little sway.

Collision course in heavens,

For spirits in the night, who

May, someday, meet upon the earth

And everything feels so right.

Nothing comes from nothing

But so does everything.

Matter matters, spirit matters,

The joy that both may bring.

So question not when fate decides

To throw a spanner in the works

And stops your little factory.

It could just be good luck.

But one day soon, eventually,

The plan may realise

The best for you, you never knew.

It all may make you wise

In world and spirit happenings

Where some things you think you fear

Until the day it hits you. Wham!

And makes everything crystal clear.


Yet again, Mark, you got me thinking through the night. 🙂


23 thoughts on “No Coincidences”

  1. I believe that there is a reason for everything, I read a fascinating book about coincidences and how items wit sentiment lost find their way back to their owners. One of the stories was about a couple on honeymoon on the Isle of Wright in the 50’s and the new husband lost a gold ID bracelet his new wife had bought him, he had lost it while walking along the beach hand in hand.
    in the 1980’s they went back for the first time since their honeymoon and they were was walking along the beach no far from where the walked in the 50’s and the wife saw something glinting in the sand as the sea washed over it and, yes you guessed it, it was the bracelet.

    Another was a ring lost by a Japanese fisherman while fishing on his boat, four years later his wife was gutting a fish caught by the husband and inside was the ring.

    My grandmother always told me that if I lose anything I am to write on a piece of paper what it is and then sleep with with it under my pillow and I would dream of it and I would be told in my dream where it lays. But she used to tell me, if I didn’t dream of it and I went looking for it the devil would claim it for his own along with my soul lol. Well what was lost stayed lost, I wasn’t risking it lol 🙂


    1. I don’t think I would have risked that either. One mention of the devil and I’d have been under the covers!
      I love the idea of items of sentimental value finding their way back to the owners. We pray to St. Anthony when we’ve lost something. He’s pretty good at finding things. 😉
      I do think there is a reason behind most if not all things. Unfortunately we never know till after the fact and then go, Bingo! 🙂 x


  2. To run the risk of sounding repetitive by echoing everyone’s sentiments… you have such a way with words. Wonderful!


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