Sensory Opiate

Petals perfumed for the purpose,

Sweetly scented just for us,

Scattered from above to rest abed.

Fragile flower fragments,

Tinted pink and white pigments,

Pillowing softly our two heads.


Subtly stirring in the air,

Bouquet of roses in our hair,

Drowsy opiate of love’s addiction.

We turn and gather close,

Bodies melding head to toes.

Soporific lovers’ benediction.


40 thoughts on “Sensory Opiate”

      1. Isn’t it incredible though to ‘know’ things you don’t know you know?!
        I’ll tell you, this could be the longest night in more ways than one. The weather outside is going bananas. I heard thunder earlier on and now the skies are seeking to empty an ocean of water inside the shortest of time.
        No wonder I woke at 3a.m.!


      2. No, the last time we had this much snow in December was 2003. Last year, Europe hogged all the snow and we got zip. I can’t say I minded, really. You can have it back…


      3. We’ve had our share for a while! Nothing this year to speak of but for a few years there we thought a new ice age was dawning. It’s beautiful to look at certainly but to keep life moving and all things normal is a bit of a pain. Don’t mind being snowed in if I don’t have to be anywhere. ;)x


      4. I have to say it is lovely to see the kids’ reactions to snow. Sledging, snowmen, snowball fights…’ve got to experience them at some point to have lived!
        Take advantage of their helpfulness while it lasts….;) x


      5. Ha ha, yes, so far so good. As long as I still can give them things they want… Winter can be fun. I am a bit sad that our snow is melting. Whether the ice comes or not remains to be seen. Canada sounds badly off….


      6. Yeah, Oliana posted some pics and I could barely believe that was what they were dealing with. We would be at a complete standstill. We’re never geared up properly here for when we have heavy snow. We don’t have it often enough apparently to justify the expense of investment in severe weather solutions. A few flurries and there’s chaos!
        Anything heavier and it’s national news and panic buying. 😉 x


      7. Really? Are you in Southern Scotland? Or is that true of the whole country? Wow, we get 20 inches once a winter. Rare that we don’t. We had a few light winters, so we’re probably in for it.


      8. 20 inches in one snowstorm, dustings often, 2-6 inches pretty frequently. The big storms shut us down while visibility is bad and when the snow falls so fast we can’t keep the streets cleared. Ice storms are the worst, though, because they bring down trees, power lines, roofs, and people.


      9. 🙂 We manage. The kids love snow days. My hubby has gotten stuck with the shoveling since I hurt my back. The boys help him these days, though.


      10. Brenda, I can’t begin to imagine those temperatures. We don’t often get great summers although this year was grand but neither do we get such extremes of winter. If you want more snow rather than ice I’ll pray for that for you. You can have it. Lol. 😉 x


      11. I hit a low last Easter and did not know what was wrong. Aches and pains everywhere and zero on energy. Eventuuuuaaaalllly, after prompting from me and online research doc checked my Vitamin D levels and they were under 20. Should be up towards the hundreds. Anyway. lots of medication later, feel like a different person. Apparently, t’s much more common than people realise. Partly, latitude of living but also new habits of sunscreeening that reduce ability to process absorption. I keep meaning to do a post on it because it is so big while seeming so insignificant. And it seems to be the last thing docs look for. Glad to know you’re upping yours. We so do not need diminished levels of energy. And pain? yeuch!


      12. Yeah, I was having heart palpitations and fevers. Aches and lethargy. Not good. Too a lot to bring me back up and keep me there. My kids do better with vitamins, too. Lots fewer colds. Colds don’t last as long.


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