Forgiven Not Forgotten

Maggie really messed my mind

I couldn’t focus, couldn’t find

She played with my full deck

The eighties were a nightmare ’cause

I hated all she said, no pause

In drivel. Flippin’ heck!


Such a feeling in my heart!

My first to loathe, an awful start

To hate another person

Hearing her on my TV

Could fill my soul with misery

I had to stop from listening


If only just to stop the tide

Of hatred that I felt inside

So angry at her reason

How could she quote St. Francis when

Her charity was stripped barren

All I felt was treason


That such a one should preach to us

Say she knew because she was

A simple grocer’s daughter

Stripped industry, denationalised,

So many hated and despised

When her minions said all ought to


‘Get on your bikes! Go find the work!’

‘No shysters here! Don’t try to shirk!

There’s work for those that matter.’

Of course, the truth was underplayed

Really it was not relayed

That employment was all scattered


Across the country far and wide

Leave family and home to find

Or else you get no dole

Humble men with working pride

In earnest, they began to fight

To make themselves feel whole


For ethic of the working man

Is so important in their plan

To feed and house those closest

Being called a layabout or worse

Felt like Tories had all cursed

Those who work the most


In Scottish land the hate was great

We felt it. God, we filled with hate

At woman and her peers

I shouted and I walked the streets

Demonstrated, fought for weeks

And months and many years


Eventually I tired of

The hatred fuelled by her because

It drained my spirit so

I stood at last in public forum

Relinquished feelings of all harm

I really let it go


Repentance, no, well not as such,

More preservation for self, so much

Hatred breaks a heart

I let it be and fought with might

Focused on a better fight

We got our brand new start


25 thoughts on “Forgiven Not Forgotten”

  1. It should be automatic that whatever decision a politician makes it should be applied to them in same percentage. I bet 90% of their stupidity never gets to see the light of day. And I still think with our technology that all decisions should be put to the people. Once every couple of months we get on our computers and vote for things, and that they would now have to get off their asses and try to sell it to US instead of some commercial, under table, back room, thievery that they put their snouts into the troughs with. The whole system of running the country would no longer attract these type of thief’s and would revert to being run by people who care about the country. Wouldn’t that be original!

    Oh momus…you found that button again! 🙂


    1. Do you know, Mark, we talked before about the scandal of expenses. Apparently, that was ‘initiated’ under Maggie. There was no way politicians could be given an increase in salary given the economics of the time so expenses were deemed to be a way of enhancing their income. Some obviously went to the extremes with it and were discovered. I don’t want to dwell on her because her policies still make my blood boil. And we’ve got her crew again albeit an ‘alliance’ of Lib Dems and Tories. Every sodding time they’re in the country feels it in a way like no other. I try not to blame them entirely because global economics has a part to play. But their national policies leave a lot to be desired. I can’t help it. I’m a socialist at heart. Child of my father. And a seer and disbeliever of what pure economics delivers.
      Saying that, I’m disillusioned with all of them. I’ve not replied to your email about Scottish Independence yet ‘cos I’m still thinking about it. Part of me wants to go, ‘Hell, yeah!’ and another part thinks it’s stupid to be insular and too nationalistic. I’m also not sure I trust the Scottish Nationalist Party to deliver what I believe we need. So, still taking info on board, as it were. 😉 x


      1. Actually, the truth be known, whenever we come to a situation we don’t like, it’s usually because there is a fear attached to it. What does that say about politicians, how they act, attitudes and the pain they leave behind long after they have deserted their sinking ships? Must be time to step through our fears and treat them with the respect that they deserve. My next vote is a NO vote at all in protest. They have a system that makes you take one dope or the other, well they didn’t take into account the NO vote. So protest it is until they change the bloody system, I’ve had enough.

        So, your digesting eh! I suppose it is like being forced as children to eat something we don’t like…and as we grow up we take a rabid dislike to it 🙂


      2. In my unfortunate case, everything I was ‘force fed’ as a child I grew to love. Not that I love politics. Far from it. There is just no way of avoiding it. I worry about the no vote because unless everyone does it as a protest it looks like disinterest and one of the B’s get in. 😉 x


      3. Very true, so I’m going to make a lot of noise so that it won’t be just a rag tag vote. Mind you, everyone over here voted for a heap of independents (because of their disgust in the system), that now have power, but they also have hung the parliament so that nothing gets passed now unless they do some really stupid deal with the independents. The system does not work. If they tell me one more time it is the best their is, I’ll scream. It is manipulation, plain and simple.
        Ok, back to really nice feelings of Santa and reindeer…or is their a climate tax on reindeer poop or a ban on Santa flying now? Probably can’t fly without a permit or will be shot down due to the sleigh looking like a military drone or something 🙂


      4. If anyone shoots Santa down they’re for it! Wouldn’t that just be the end of political careers everywhere. 😉 Well, we know what to ask Santa for then don’t we?! 🙂 x


  2. As long as a few people are in charge, which they always are, they will get richer and the rest will get poorer. It’s been true through all of human history. Socialism would be no different, I’m afraid.


      1. As far as I know, no one goes to jail for leaving their job or has to give literally all they make to their employer. Imagine that for a second. Gives me a chill. Not that we have a great deal now, with so many taxes paid, so many expenses for food and shelter and not much left over. At least we don’t go to jail if we quit our jobs.


      2. Not quite yet. But the changes that are wrought do sentence people to penury and restriction. Almost like jail in so many ways. Things are not so good here. And, from what I am reading here, they’re not much better all over. We, personally, are always caught in a middle ground of having but not having. Working but still wanting. If you know what I mean. Not serfs perhaps but some drastic changes needed. So many have it so much worse. And it could still deteriorate. It all makes no sense to me. Like a game of Monopoly with people’s lives. Pass Go, don’t pass Go. Too much left to risk. Too many not collecting as they pass Go. Such hardship all over. For some more than others. And no respite in sight. But still we hope. 😉 x


      3. The problem is, the people at the top of things, the CEOs, the politicians, the bosses, they calculate how little they can pay people and still have them work. Then they take home enormous salaries. The disparity there does not go unnoticed by the people actually doing the work. Everyone talks about how rich JK Rowling must be, but no one talks about how much money her publishers made from her books. Why is that? The companies make more than the author, why does no one talk about that? I find it interesting… How accepting we all are that companies are entitled to make profit, and lots of it…


      4. And, by all accounts, JK is very generous with her wealth and has a social conscience. As you say, number crunchers seek to minimise outlay while maximising return. Not for the benefit of those at the coalface but to enhance their own balance.
        The eighties and the acronyms coined at that time gloried in greed and consumerism for some while others watched as their livelihoods disappeared.
        YUPPIES, (Young, Upwardly mobile or Urban Professionals) DINKY ( Double Income No Kids Yet). Don’t know if these acronyms were used everywhere or just here. But it was a process of self-gratification and self-congratulation for how some were benefiting from Tory policies while others languished. I hated it all. 😉 x


      5. I remember being a DINK and then, over time, changing to a SITKOM (single income, three kids, oppressive mortgage). Being a DINK was pretty awesome, but the policies of rewarding immense personal and corporate wealth with the least taxes is pretty heinous. People with families really struggle.


      6. Seven kids!! A moment of silence for awe to build. My three are plenty for me, but I didn’t start young. If I had, I might’ve had more…


  3. Hope is all we have left in the end. My brother eschewed a redistribution of wealth, until his business took off and then he became a died in the wool capitalist. I fear that’s the scenario all over. If you have not,then of course you need more, but charity is like acid. Those who have more than they need or could possibly use , cry that they have worked hard to amass their wealth and it is unfair to take it away from them. However, I don’t see them paying taxes in just percentage of what they earned. I won’t go on because – it will make me angry and then depressed and then furious… a solution? I don’t have one yet. As you already said, we can still hope.
    BTW … I followed a link to here from another blog. I’m so glad I did. Hello, by the way. Expat from Yorkshire. 🙂 Merry Christmas. Susan x


    1. Lovely to meet you, Susan. I’m glad you found your way here. I’ll pop over for a visit too.
      Yes, I’m afraid it does seem to be the way that it works as far as economics goes. I suppose what galls people is that so many ultra wealthy find the means to avoid paying taxes and can circumvent their dues. I am still hopeful though that not all people are made this way. Naive possibly but ordinary people thrill me constantly with their magnitude of heart. So there is hope. Merry Christmas to you and yours and every blessing for the coming year. 🙂 x


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