A Good Time

Now would be a good time

To embrace and hold

In tenderness,

Comfort and love.

Now would be a good time

To recognise that compassion,


And truth will guide the way.

Now would be a good time

To speak from within,

To share yourself,

To open to the world.

Now would be a good time

To risk and dare

In the name of love and light.

In blinding truth.

Now would be a better time

Than later

Or never.

Not at all.

Now would be the perfect time

To clasp hands,

Hold tightly

And leap into light.

Now is the only time.


19 thoughts on “A Good Time”

  1. Woohoo! Love it. That is beautifully written and so right for now mommus. It is exactly what we should be doing from an inner truth. It is the base to build everything. Thank you for a lovely share. Namaste


    1. I thought it was so weird that you commented in my previous post about much the same thing and I had dreamt this in between. Good times! Have a great New Year when it arrives, Mark. All the best for 2014. Dreams and nows combining. 🙂 x


      1. You too merry mommus! This New Moon on this New Years Day is supposed to bring the fae closer to our world and many wondrous things may be seen and felt. Your muse will be going into overdrive 🙂
        Happy New Year to you and your loved ones as well. Namaste


      2. Think I’ll stay up for that then. All this disruption to sleep at the moment is beginning to drive me bananas. So I’ll meet with the fae and see what occurs. Have a great New Year, Mark however you’re spending it. You and yours, Namaste. x


    1. Something doesn’t sound right. Or am I seeing too much into your words? If it’s politics no nothing seems to change too much. If it’s life generally I suppose we could say the same. Except maybe we can manage to impact a little more there than on the world at large. Hope everything is well. I always find the lead up to New Year a bit depressing. Usually pretty glad to get back to routine by the time it’s all over. Have a lovely New Year, Jen. Big hugs to you and your penguins. x


      1. no you read them correctly… just the youngest daughter and I..again.. I shan’t bore you with the details or your readers. Yes the end of the year brings a little bit of burn out..tempers..frustrations.. the whole kit and kaboodle! Wishing you a very Happy New Year to you and your lovely family too bring on 2014..so we can get get back to semi-normal 😉 (hugs & thank you) xx


      2. I thought it might be that. And it’s always a nasty time for reflections and regrets. Somebody always ends up in tears. We’ll soon be back to normal though and life will go on as per usual. Happy New Year to you and all yours, Jen, when it comes. I hope there are no tears. Keep it light. 🙂 x


      3. Thanks babe, yes it will be light, Mr S and I are staying home and watching movies and he shall probably fall asleep and we will get to bed prior to 12 and kiss goodnight saying oh HNY… ech that’s what happens as you get older! 😉 xx HNY to you again lovely – have a wee dram or two for me 🙂


      4. Part of me wishes I could go to bed before 12 and actually get a sleep. But I’m sure we’ll have a good night. I might sneak off and leave the young ones to it. I gave in at 2a.m. at Christmas and left them to party on. So we’ll see. 😉 I will certainly have a dram for you! Happy New Year when it comes, Jen. And I hope 2014 brings all you could wish for. x


      5. Oh gawd, I keep forgetting the amount of time difference. I’m just having my first coffee. These restless nights are knocking hell out of my sleep patterns. I should really be in Australia just now; they’d fit right in there. Hope you’reyou’re feeling all mellow and chilled. 🙂 x


  2. So very true. Risks are almost always worth taking if they mean something to you. Life would be sterile without them but you must know when to pull back and detach, this has been on my mind.


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