Not They

Who are these goons?

These lepers?

Apart and yet controlling.

Ignorant of the common man,

But determined to know

Every secret thought

And action.

Who are these jerks?

Watching my movements,

Listening to my words,

Reading my mail.

Are they representative?

Did we vote for this?

Are all the policies


Prior to election

A blind?

The motives deeper

And more devious?

Who are these bastards?

My mind is my own.

My soul belongs to god.

My words to whom I speak them.

Who are these morons?

Thinking we will accept


And everything,

Like the

Roman populace,


For handouts

And an arena

Where self-proclaimed

gods, decide thumbs up

Or down.

No Caesars here.

Who are these clowns ?

Thinking they are above

And beyond

The acceptable,

The righteous,

The moral.

Who are they?

Is this what we asked for?


And controlling.

We are the people.

Not they.


14 thoughts on “Not They”

  1. Do you know I had written a huge piece on the NSA, secrets, what I did and do you kniw I have better things to worry about then paranoid people who have the word of some guy on video. Next month it will be something else. Paranoia destroys nations, I saw all the stuff about the twin towers, Princess Diane, JFK there will always be people who will cause paranoia among people, and the net is the ideal medium to start a rumour look what they said about Christ, they said he was sleeping with a prostitute. Rumour is the best weapon to start a war. This is my two pennies worth, I am not discussing just saying my piece, beleive what you want. 🙂


  2. Who are they indeed?
    Sadly many do not realize the power within and fall gladly in line with the status quo. Oh…if only all it took was indignation, then perhaps our rants and cries would bear fruit. Year in and out,they wallow in complacency and so far yielded nothing but fat heads and bellies alike.


    1. What if the footsteps behind you that make you so paranoid are your protector and you force them away how much more paranoid would you then be?

      “I know a secret,and secrets breed paranoia.”
      ― Simon Holt, The Devouring


  3. The only problem that our friend Pete missed was the simple fact that by their actions they will be known. And to date they have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted. Iraq was a classic example of ‘weapons of mass lies’. And every time they want to manipulate something it eventually comes out….as Wikileaks and Mr Snowden has shown. In Australia, the only body that is increasing in size every year, is the I.C.A.C (Independent Commission Against Corruption) due to the corruption that is found in all state and local government structures. It is very simple…when someone continues to lie and be deceitful to you, you lose that trust in that person. Governments all around the world do it day in and day out to the point that you expect it. Paranoia my ass, it is a fact that is hammered home every day.


    1. One of my biggest faults is being too naive at times. My cynicism only has a narrow streak that runs through my spine. But when I feel it I kinda know it. Too much evidence to the contrary to refute lies and hypocrisy. Corruption knows no end in those who seek to maintain power at any cost. If they have the technology, I don’t see them NOT using it. CCTV, ID’s, Chip and pin, banks of info on all sorts, shared info for dubious reasons. It almost makes sense that they would expand the areas of cover. Not to my liking at all but almost expected, if you know what I mean. I value my privacy and abhor the idea of being controlled in any way. Sends shivers.


      1. I think our friend Orson Wells (aka 1984) was a prophet! I think the only way to sink their ‘paranoia’ is to give them everything. As in a bit of software that pours out absolute ‘important’ rubbish so that the system gets very clogged. It still takes a human to sort the last stuff they think is important, and if we all pump lots and lots of ‘important’ crap, lets see them come out from under that with any sanity. Mind you, that probably is their level of ‘sane’ 🙂


      2. I know you mean George Orwell. 🙂 Although Orson Welles did ‘War of the Worlds’. Perhaps two prophetic personages.
        I don’t think I know any important crap! 🙂 x


      3. Yeah him! I knew that, I was just testing you 🙂 Mmm, that’s a bit worrying that that popped out, but then again maybe it’s a portent of how we will change the world…but do it our way. And that’s the whole message mommus, what comes out of you IS the truth and very important. That is where they are very wrong and are ruled by their lower energies. It’s all about their base urge to control and do it with whatever power they can use. THAT in itself shows me they do everything from a place of fear. Afraid of how they are looked at, afraid of how others think of them and afraid to stand in their inner truth. And that comes back to a very low self worth, and that is what drives them. If it was not, then all they would do, would come from a place of compassion. And in everything I see from the powers that be, is done from a monetary perspective, the illusion of strength, worth and all from a commercial base. Not a heartfelt truth to be seen anywhere. Not a drop of compassion at all. This world needs change…and now seems like a good time. Namaste


      4. Omg, Mark! I fell asleep earlier, just snoozing. Woke with a poem in my mind, ‘Now would be a good time’. Called ‘A Good Time’. And then I read this comment. How weirdly wonderful! 🙂 x


  4. @scottishmomus, trust me, you are not alone on the side by side walking 🙂
    There’s an inherent censor in the human which alerts you to bullshit and crap,I want to think most of this species has it and every so often the flare sends signals that make you scream enough!!!


    1. All the people I trust walk by my side. To do otherwise feels threatening whether that is the intention or not. As Mark so rightly pointed out ‘by their actions we will know them’. Pretty much sums it up for me. Although those actions we are not privy to are a whole other set of worries. I was discussing this today with my brother and sister-in-law and the permutations of where manipulation and control could lead. Economic control has a huge part to play in it. The possibilities for using information to manipulate the public has only just begun. And that’s fact. Not paranoia. It does not feel as if our governments truly govern any more in a way that would be reasonably expected. They are answering to a whole other agenda. My worry is, what else is there, or who else is there to redress the balance?


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