By And By

I dreamt of you last night and again this morning

In slumber’s sleep and early waking hours,

I lay with you in darkness through till dawning

And pondered love as deeply held as ours.


My dreams are full of wonder at all loving

How gifted we may be when it enfolds.

I treasure them, eyes closed, then on opening

And expose heart to all my love beholds.


There’s magic in my dreams of love unfolding

And passion in my soul for who you are.

I whisper into ether, song rejoicing

You lead me, fill me, guide me, northern star.


Should dreams enhance all hours alert and watching,

Perfecting every moment to arouse

Splendour in the passion we are holding,

Eyes open always, never more to drowse.


Should life supplant all hopes of dreamers’ weaving

And build a barrier to all our plans,

I’ll close my eyes forever, hold fast to my perceiving

Of who we are in dreams, simply woman and one man.


In life we walk a path so often treading,

In dreams’ inertia fantasies unfold,

Collide in dreams, inhibitions shedding.

Come my love, in dreams, let’s both be bold.


Meet me in my dreams till eternity is ending,

In heavens purest realm I’ll find you, by and by,

I’ll know your spirit’s call so sweetly yearning

For miracles of love within mind’s eye.


14 thoughts on “By And By”

      1. That’s me after three coffees. Might be better just to move my butt and get on with the day. Whoever I am on here seems to be getting in the way of normal life. Better go and see if someone downstairs recognises me. 😉 x


      2. Don’t worry! I have a cunning plan to log back on again and find myself here. Have to start somewhere in the discovery.
        Chances are they’ll know fine who I am and start demanding I clash the pan for a late breakfast/early lunch. Buggers! 🙂 x


      3. It’s all good. Just checked out the workhouse and they’re engrossed in ‘The Grinch’. Hubby too. Poor bugger!
        And your ‘Who am I?’ struck me stirring my fresh coffee. Poem on the way! Ta! Credit where it’s due. 🙂 x


      4. Well your first ‘muse for me’ is done. Before I forget.
        I really should be getting back to that workhouse but dreams and writing keep getting in the way.
        This is the 21st century, right? 😉 x


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